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The Eggman Empire

The Eggman Empire is the totalitarian government run by Dr. Eggman. It was formally created during Sonic the Hedgehog's almost year-long absence from Mobius, although its development began shortly after Eggman's arrival to the prime universe. It is currently at war with the Kingdom of Acorn and the United Federation. Comprised of most of the late Dr. Ivo Robotnik's former world empire's territories, the Eggman Empire continues to hold spheres of influence over ninety-nine percent of the planet. Although successful in causing the Destruction of Knothole, it has proved ineffective in its ability to destroy New Mobotropolis. Its capital city of New Megaopolis was destroyed only weeks after the attack on Knothole by the Chaos-demigod Enerjak, which has left the state of the Eggman Empire in disarray, with no steady communications between Dr. Eggman and his Sub-Bosses throughout Mobius.

Development of the Eggman Empire roughly began upon Robo-Robotnik's coming to the Prime Zone to replace the late Dr. Ivo Robotnik. After Robo-Robotnik managed to re-capture Robotropolis he began to retake sectors of Mobius. His main forces consisted of Shadowbots at the beginning of his campaign in Mobius Prime.

Hoping to convert the discovered Hidden City of the Ancients into "Robotnik Land", Dr. Eggman freed the water beast Chaos from the Black Emerald and attempted to use it to destroy the city. Although Chaos was first throught defeated, it managed to transform into Perfect Chaos and severely damage the city. By this point however, Chaos no longer wished to work for Eggman, and destroyed his second Egg Carrier. After this failure, Eggman unleashed Silver Sonic II to capture the city, but this robot was subsequently defeated as well and reprogrammed to defend the city from Eggman.

Dr. Eggman's next big attack came in the form of the super-sized Caterkiller robot. Having already leveled one city, the giant machine was discovered on a collision course with Furville. Before it reached the city however, Tails reprogrammed it to change course and fall off the edge of a cliff into the water, destroying it.

Dr. Eggman's next big move was his attempt to coerce the President of Station Square into forming an alliance with him, possibly establishing a robot police force in the city. The President refused however, and though Eggman nearly had him killed by controlling his limo to crash, the President was rescued by Rouge the Bat. Shortly after this, New Megaopolis was attacked and heavily damaged by the Xorda, who began attacking the planet. Begging for an alliance with the Kingdom of Acorn, King Max agreed only if Eggman ceded half of his empire's territories, which were currently comprised of "ninety nine point nine percent of the planet." Eggman agreed, but went back on his word after the Xorda attack was stopped and Sonic was sent away in space.

During Sonic the Hedgehog's "year" long absence in space, Dr. Eggman formally declared the formation of the Eggman Empire and consolidated the territories he controlled. During this time, Eggman replaced Shadowbots with upgrade SWATbots and later replaced those with Egg Pawns.

Eggman bought out the Dingo Regime by offering them technological assistance in exchange for becoming his enforces on Angel Island. General Von Stryker was ousted by his son Kage Von Stryker who assumed command over the Dingoes and became one of the Eggman Empire's generals.

After Dr. Finitevus provided Eggman with the secret location of Albion and sabotaged its defences, the Eggman Empire launched an assault of aerial blimps against the defenseless city, leveling it to the ground and capturing the majority of its citizens.

With the Dingoes his new allies, the Eggman Empire was able to launch a massive invasion of Angel Island following the Xorda attack on Mobius. Although the Brotherhood of Guardians successfully defended the Master Emerald during the attack, they were subsequently captured and disposed of by Dr. Finitevus, with Locke the only exception. Without the Brotherhood of Guardians or Knuckles and the Chaotix present, the Echidna Security Team was no match for the combined forces of the Eggman Empire's Egg Pawn army and Kage Von Stryker's teched-out Dingoes. Echidnaopolis was quickly overrun and following this, most of Angel Island's echidna inhabitants were rounded up and sent to concentration camps. Resistance was met in the form of the Dark Legion who, now under the rule of Lien-Da, was able to liberate some of the concentration camps and save some of the echidna inhabitants, bringing them to the Lava Reef zone and protecting them so they could live free from the Eggman Empire's tyranny.

When Sonic returned to Mobius from his time in space, he discovered the Eggman Empire was preparing to use atomics against both the United Federation and the Kingdom of Acorn. In addition to this, Eggman was launching a large force to take down the force field containing large amounts of radiation in the former site of Robotropolis. Eggman's efforts were stopped by the combined efforts of the Knothole Freedom Fighters, the Chaotix, the Royal Secret Service, the "Mes Braves" Battalion and G.U.N.

Not long after this failure, the Eggman Empire launched a successful invasion of Golden Hive Colony, capturing almost all of its citizens and converting it into a base for the empire. Charmy Bee and Saffron managed to escape and inform the Kingdom of Acorn about the disaster.

With Sonic back on Mobius, he and the Chaotix were dispatched to Angel Island to help free Knuckles' father Locke from captivity. Managing to liberate a Dingo-run concentration camp and free Locke, Sonic and the Chaotix left Angel Island once again to continue the fight planet-side. With Locke free, the Dingoes' control slightly lessened, and Echidnaopolis was rebuilt into a city. However, once the Dark Legion split into two factions and became involve in civil war, Locke was unable to effectively defend his people alone, and Echidnaopolis was reduced to a small village.

Knothole being destroyed by the Eggman Empire's mighty Egg FleetAfter managing to capture Mammoth Mogul, Ixis Naugus, the Arachne and the Destructix during their fight with the Freedom Fighters and the Chaotix, Eggman decided it was time to begin a full-scale invasion of Knothole and wipe out the Mobian resistance once and for all. Using his completed Egg Fleet, the Eggman Empire laid waste to every structure in Knothole as well as captured all but four of its citizens. Shortly afterwards however the captives were rescued by Sonic, Knuckles, Tails and Amy Rose along with help from NICOLE and transported to New Mobotropolis.

Shortly afterwards, the Eggman Empire's capital city of New Megaopolis and the Egg Fleet were utterly destroyed by the Chaos-demigod Enerjak. In addition to this, the Dingoes were stripped of their weapons and technology and banished to the Sandopolis Zone, while Kage Von Stryker was killed. Following these events, Dr. Eggman employed former Dark Legion members still loyal to Lien-Da as his foot soldiers.

Following the setback caused by Enerjak, Sonic and the Chaotix launched an assault directly against New Megaopolis to defeat the Dark Egg Legion as well as destroy one of Dr. Eggman's communication relays. The Dark Egg Legion proved largely ineffective against Sonic and the others, and three of the Chaotix members successfully set up explosives in the relay station. However, Dimitri soon arrived on the scene with a massive, robotic preying mantis like body to provide moral and weapons support to his retreating Dark Egg Legion. Despite his assistance, the Chaotix managed to destroy the communications relay and force the Dark Egg Legion to withdraw. Following this it was discovered by Knuckles that Dimitri is deliberately leading the Dark Egg Legion to defeat in order to weaken and eventually rid the world of the Eggman Empire and Dr. Eggman himself.

Due to the consistent setbacks and failures of his plans, Dr. Eggman's mental state went into decline, as witnessed by his 'nephew' Snively. While the Eggman Empire still officially dominated most of the planet's territories, Eggman had let his Sub-Bosses in other parts of Mobius run rampant without keeping an eye on them. Snively found himself unable to get in contact with most of the Sub-Bosses over the Egg Network. Off in the "D. Kingdom", the Sub-Boss "Regina F" reported to Snively "local resistance still keeping us at bay", calling their lackeys "woefully unreliable".

In the next few weeks, Snively began to scheme once again behind his uncle's back, this time with Regina. With Eggman's mental state bordering complete insanity, Snively realized the Empire was ripe for the taking. After Dimitri threatened to expose his treacherous plans, the two formed an alliance to help bring down Eggman. During this time, the combined might of the Knothole Freedom Fighters and the Chaotix began their final assault on the Egg Dome. The Dark Egg Legion proved unable to hold back the two groups, and eventually their weapons were disabled. Although Dr. Eggman attempted to drive back the two groups with his Egg Phoenix, the vessel was ultimately destroyed, leaving the city without a defense.

The next day, the Eggdome was invaded by the Freedom Fighters and the Chaotix, who managed to break through the Dark Egg Legion's defenses. Sonic managed to get into the heart of the Egg Dome and face off against Eggman's Egg Tarantula while the Egg Legion held off the rest of the Freedom Fighters. During all this, Snively planned for the arrival of his girlfriend Regina F to take over the Eggman Empire.

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