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Metal Series

Following the roboticization of Sally Acorn, Dr. Eggman decided to create a team of robots to accompany her on missions, including Metal Knuckles, Metal Tails and a new model of Metal Sonic. The team's first mission was to track down the traitor Snively Robotnik, who fled to the United Federation. Mecha Sally and Metal Sonic were sent to distract G.U.N.'s forces-including E-123 Omega- so Dr. Eggman could find the treacherous Snively. After an ensuing battle Mecha Sally and Metal Sonic were called back by order of Dr. Eggman. Debut of Team Metal Three of the Metal Series Units-Metal Sonic, Metal Tails, and new addition Metal Amy-were sent to New Mobotropilos to destroy Team Freedom so Dr. Eggman could conquer the city with ease. However,the group christened Team Metal was destroyed by Team Freedom with a little unseen help from the Secret Freedom Fighters.

Mecha Sally

Metal Sonic
Metal Tails
Metal Knuckles
Metal Amy