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Metal Sonic v3

Metal Sonic v3.0 was a line of Metal Sonic robots created by Dr. Eggman. Modeled after Dr. Ivo Robotnik's original Metal Sonic, this Badnik lacked the cunning and ruthlessness gained by its predecessor and proved to be unwaveringly loyal to Dr. Eggman as well as effective against Sonic the Hedgehog to an extent. Numerous versions of Metal Sonic have been produced by Eggman, as the previous units have subsequently been destroyed by Sonic and his allies. Nevertheless, each successive model became more dangerous to confront, and its threat potential only increased after being joined by other similar Badniks as part of the Metal Series.

Current Version:
Metal Sonic v3.6

Former Versions:
Metal Sonic v3.0
Metal Sonic v3.1
Metal Sonic v3.2
Metal Sonic v3.3
Metal Sonic v3.4
Metal Sonic v3.5