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Mecha Sally

Princess Sally Acorn

F) Rm30
A) Ex20
S) Am50
E) Mn75
R) Gd10
I) Gd10
P) Rm30

Health: 175 Karma: 50
Resources: Pr Pop: 0

Known Powers:
Robian Physiology: To save Mobius, Sally rerouted the Death Egg's Roboticizer and was robotizied by Robotnik, turning her into a robot. Her body gave her the following abilities:
-Body Armor: Rm protection vs. Physical and Energy
-Immune to Radiation, Disease and Toxins: CL1000
-Self-Sustenance: Doesn't need to eat, sleep or breathe, can survive in the vacuum of space

Upgrades: Dr. Eggman upgraded Mecha Sally with armaments and a Power Ring. Mecha Sally's upgrades give her the following abilities:
-Arm Blades: (x2) Am Edge
-Rocket Flight: Rm airspeed
-Boom-Fant: Am Energy, 10 areas

Talents: None

Contacts: Dr. Eggman, The Eggman Empire

Mecha Sally before Dr. Eggman upgraded her.


The world had reverted to a point ten seconds before the first wave of light. As Sonic confronted the new Silver Sonic robot, Sally headed down a hallway. Realizing what had happened, Sonic dashed off and scooped up Sally, much to her confusion. As the turret deployed, Sally pointed it out with alarm, but Sonic insisted he was way ahead of her; he ran out of its path, leaving the pursuing Silver Sonic to take the hit instead. Sally was slightly bemused, but they continued on, eventually reaching a computer console. Sally hooked Nicole in, noticing that a lot of the Death Egg's power was being diverted to a deck below. However, Nicole would need more time to bypass the computer's security to discover what it was; saying they had no time, Sally decided they would simply have to go there and see for themselves. Sonic rushed past her into the elevator, saying he was performing a "hidden cannon inspection," again causing bemusement and hesitation for Sally. However, she shook it off and the two continued to the lower deck.

There, they found what appeared to be a roboticizer with a projected image of the planet. Eggman then arrived, saying that it was indeed a roboticizer intended for the entire world. At first the heroes were doubtful, with Sally even accusing Eggman of bluffing, but as the doctor explained his plan, they realized with horror that the planet truly was in immense danger. Sally desperately tried to reason with the doctor, pointing out that his plan would prove devastating to his own Dark Egg Legion forces, but Eggman cruelly brushed it off, saying that he would no longer need them once he had a new army of Robians. Enraged, Sonic attacked, only to be stalled by not only the badly damaged Silver Sonic, but a new Metal Sonic as well. As Eggman watched the robots fight the hedgehog, he soon noticed that Sally was nowhere to be found. Sonic realized this as well and, thinking Sally had a plan, he focused on keeping Eggman and the robots distracted. Sally, meanwhile, had crawled beneath a floor tile; crammed between large cables, she hooked Nicole into the system again. Sally desperately looked for a way to block the roboticizer's command signal or otherwise prevent its firing, but with as little time as they had, Nicole informed her that it would be impossible; the only option available would be to invert the beam. Without hesitating, Sally ordered her to do so, setting up a manual executable before ensuring Nicole's core programs would be safe back in New Mobotropolis. Worried, Nicole protested, saying that Sally would not be immune. Sally told her friend that she'd been given a second chance and the opportunity to save everyone with it; she needed Nicole's help.

Once Nicole had finished her download (leaving behind a message of good-bye as well as the executable), Sally held back her tears and steeled herself. Just as Eggman ordered the world roboticizer to fire, Sally smiled sadly, said good-bye and executed the program. The roboticizer fired, but to everyone's shock, it rebounded into the very chamber it was in, destroying much of the machinery (including the two robots) and causing a large explosion. Sonic and Eggman struggled from within the rubble, the hedgehog mocking the doctor for once again having a plan thwarted by the heroes. However, Sally suddenly emerged from the rubble, roboticized and damaged by the explosion. As Sonic looked on in horror and Eggman cackled in delight, Mecha Sally reached for Sonic, coldly saying, "Hedgehog. Priority one."

She then seized Sonic by the throat, with Sonic pleading with Sally to fight Eggman's control, begging her not to make him fight her. Eggman, delighted about this turn of events, stated that while it would be sensible to order her to march the two of them into an incinerator, he wanted to enjoy this and had Mecha Sally throw Sonic out of a waste disposal hatch. She then accompanied Eggman (who commented about finding a better name for her than 'Mecha Sally') to the bridge of the Death Egg where they were met by Snively. When Snively objected to Eggman's order to launch an assault on New Mobotropolis, stating that the Death Egg was too heavily damaged, Eggman had Mecha Sally grab him by the collar of his uniform and demand that he follow her master's commands.

Hoping to fully take advantage of the situation, Eggman opted to upgrade Mecha Sally and spent an excessive amount of time on the process while leaving the Death Egg's repairs to the Egg Mites, much to Snively's frustration. His modifications included rocket-powered flight and a Power Ring as a special power source, noting that it would not risk restoring her free will. Some time after completion, Dr. Eggman deployed the new Mecha Sally, along with Metal Sonic v3.5, to intercept former king Elias Acorn and his wife and step-daughter while relocating from New Mobotropolis to Feral Forest. After easily overpowering the Freedom Fighters, Metal Sonic self-destructed and badly injured Antoine. Following this, she retreated to the Death Egg as per Dr. Eggman's orders.

Dr. Eggman later unveiled the new Mecha Sally to his assembled Grandmasters, presenting her, along with other Metal Series robots, as enforcers to "help" ensure the Dark Egg Legion chapters were performing effectively. After dismissing the Grandmasters, Eggman then had Mecha Sally accompany him aboard the Egg 'Stache Flyer in pursuit of Snively after he fled. He then deployed Mecha Sally and the new Metal Sonic v3.6 in Central City, along with an entire army, in order to find Snively. After fighting with E-123 Omega, Mecha Sally and the rest of the army retreated due to finding out that Snively left Central City. After tracking down Snively to the Dragon Kingdom, Mecha Sally arrived with Eggman and was sent out to confront Monkey Khan. She started to have difficulty fighting him since her Power Ring was practically all used up. Khan selflessly gave up his Power Ring crown in order to save her life after Eggman explained to him that she would die without one. After being restored, she grabbed Khan's throat. She then got crushed under some trees along with Khan when Snively arrived with the Iron Oni.