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Battle Bird Armada

The Battle Bird Armada is a Mobian army consisting entirely of birds lead by the Battle Lord. They employ the use of heavy-ordinance based weaponry and are highly aggressive as well as biased towards birds being the only ones with any right to fly. Speedy, one of their most prominent members and the sixteenth Battlekuku, emphasized this belief with a passion as he would seek to eliminate any non-avian beings who would dare take to the sky. In 3237, they operated from a hidden location near Cocoa Island and attacked some vacationing Freedom Fighters whom they believed were aware of the Armada's activities due to some talkative deserters.

Battle Lord:
Battlekukku XV

Doctor Fukurokov
Typical Battle Bird

Battle Bird Walker
Battle Bird Saucer
Battle Bird Sub

Former Members:
Predator Hawk
Bean the Dynamite
Jet the Hawk
Wave the Swallow
Storm the Albatross