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The Egg Carrier

Egg Carrier

Control: Gd
Speed: Ex airspeed
Body: Ex

Known Powers:
Armor: The Egg Carrier was armored to provide In protection against physical attacks and Rm protection against Energy attacks.
Transformation: The Egg Carrier could transform into two shapes; offensive and defensive. While being somewhat streamlined in its offensive shape, the defensive shape folded the wings out to the sides and makes it much harder to get from the landing area to the bridge.

Weapons: The Egg Carrier had a variety of weapons systems. Characteristics of major systems are given below:
-Super Laser Cannon: Mn Energy Blast at a 25-area range
-Turret Laser Cannons: Am Energy or Force, 10 areas
-Air Mines: Floats around the Egg Carrier for defensive purposes. When it comes into contact with something, it explodes causing In damage
-Missile Launchers: Missile Launcher fired up to 8 air-to-air missiles at once. Each missile was self-guiding with the following statistics:
--Body: Ex
--Control: Rm
--Speed: In
--Damage: In


Eggman first used the Egg Carrier to find and destroy the Master Emerald on Angel Island in order to free Chaos. After succeeding, the Egg Carrier landed in the Mystic Ruins for later usage. Meanwhile, this carrier would be used as a base of sorts, where he sent the E-100 series to locate a certain amphibian life form, and where Amy Rose was taken to when she and a Flicky were abducted by two of Eggman's robots. Both tasks were seemingly crucial to restoring the creature known as Chaos. After fleeing from Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles, Eggman decided to take the Egg Carrier out of its hiding place in a very wide river (unknowingly allowing Big the Cat to get aboard. Undaunted, Sonic and Tails used the Tornado to get aboard,and Knuckles was warped there after receiving a vision from Tikal. Knuckles and Big found what they were looking for, and Amy managed to escape from her cell, thanks to E-102. On the deck, Sonic and Tails defeated E-102, when suddenly the ship started losing altitude, so Tails, Amy and E-102 fled the ship. Sonic stayed to find Eggman, which he did, along with Chaos. Sonic, Knuckles and Big all fought and defeated Chaos, and everyone fled the ship as it crashed into the ocean below and burst into flames.

After Chaos obtained all seven Chaos Emeralds and became Perfect Chaos, Eggman revealed a second Egg Carrier ship, which was a failsafe to use against Chaos in case it rebelled. However, the ship proved to be nothing compared to the power of Perfect Chaos, who shot it down with a large energy beam.