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The Dark Egg Legion

The Dark Egg Legion is an army of cybernetically-enhanced Mobians working for the Eggman Empire. The first recorded branch was formed in Downunda after Duck "Bill" Platypus and his fellow Platypus allied with the empire and received cybernetic upgrades in hopes of gaining more power. The Dark Egg Legion was later expanded to include the remnants of the Dark Legion after their cybernetics were removed by Enerjak and relocating from Angel Island. The Platypus branch operates exclusively in Downunda under Duck "Bill"'s command, while the Echidna branch operates in the ruins of New Megaopolis under the command of Grandmaster Lien-Da. Other branches of the Legion subsequently formed in other regions of Mobius, including one under the joint command of Drago Wolf and Razorklaw in the Southern Continent.

Drago Wolf
Duck "Bill" Platypus
Beauregard Rabbot
Iron Queen
The Bride of Conquering Storm
Lord Mordred Hood
The Foreman

New Megaopolis Dark Egg Legion
Downunda Dark Egg Legion
Soumerca Dark Egg Legion
Northern Tundra Dark Egg Legion
Great Desert Dark Egg Legion
Dragon Kingdom Dark Egg Legion
Mercia Dark Egg Legion
Efrika Dark Egg Legion
Eurish Dark Egg Legion
Nerb Dark Egg Legion

Egg Mobiles
Winged Dingoes