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The Eurish Dark Egg Legion

The Eurish Legion, along with the other Legion chapters, received word that Dr. Eggman had supposedly perished from Snively Robotnik. However, this report was identified as a false message by Eggman himself, who teleported Hugo Brass and his fellow Grandmasters to the Death Egg Mark 2 to give them continuing orders. As a result, the Eurish Legion was retasked with expanding the empire's boundaries and searching for the blue Chaos Emerald Eggman had lost possession of. It's members were perhaps the first to respond to their new assignment, launching an attack on Central City. This assault was opposed by a G.U.N. Force led by E-123 Omega, who found himself pitted against the Legion's Egg Paladins, a brainwashed unit of G.U.N. soldiers. Despite the unit's effectiveness and being backed by members of the Metal Series, the Legion retreated from Central City. Shortly thereafter, Eggman would appoint Regina Ferrum as the Legion's new Grandmaster in place of Hugo, accompanied by an Infiltrator of Snively.

Iron Queen

Robot Snively
Hugo Brass
Egg Paladins