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Egg Paladins

Eventually, Paladin Team Sigma-Alpha 2 was captured by Dr. Eggman along with former Commander-in-Chief of G.U.N., Hugo Brass. The team was Legionized and brainwashed into serving the Eggman Empire as well as Hugo Brass, the new Dark Egg Legion Grandmaster of their Eurish chapter. Under the control of the Eggman Empire the team was renamed the Egg Paladins.

The Egg Paladins were then summoned from an Egg Camel to battle E-123 Omega during the Eggman Empire's invasion of Central City in an attempt to find the traitorous Snively. As Omega's brainwashed and Legionized allies, the Egg Paladins attacked the robot during its moment of hesitation at Dr. Eggman's command. When Snively was caught fleeing the city, the assault was halted, and the Egg Paladins withdrew along with the rest of the Eggman Empire.