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Iron Queen

Iron Queen

Regina Ferrum

F) Ex20
A) Gd10
S) Ty6
E) Rm30
R) In40
I) Rm30
P) Am50

Health: 66 Karma: 120
Resources: Rm Pop: -20

Known Powers:
Magitek: Regina was born into a cult of Technomages. Over time, she has developed the following abilities:
-Electronic Control: Mn ability to read electronic signals and control robotic devices

Crystal Staff: Ex material, The Iron Queen's Crystal Staff is the source of her "magical abilities." She has performed the following spells:
-Mind Control: Am
-Energy Blast: Am Energy
-Elemental Control: Iron Queen set Mount Stormtop on fire for over a hundred days and would not lift the spell until the villagers agreed to bow down to them. It is assumed she can do this at Mn ability.
Flying Platform: Iron Queen used a flying platform to move around, giving her:
-Control: In
-Speed: Gd airspeed
-Body: Rm
-Protection: Fe

Talents: Occult Background and Lore, Leadership

Contacts: Snively Kintobor, Iron King, Yagyu Clan


Regina was born into a cult of technomages in the city of Mega Central many years prior to the Great War. As a child, she was taught by cult leaders how to control electronic impulses. As her skills improved, a young Regina was able to control robots from afar and move them to her will.

Years later when Regina was a young adult, Magitek was made illegal in Mega Central. She along with all other members of the Technomage cult were subsequently arrested and likely executed. However, because of her young age, the High Chancellor showed mercy on her and allowed her to live, though in exile. With no knowledge of any other technomage cults in the Overlander cities and with the Great War having recently began, Regina wandered aimlessly across the planet. Realizing she was the last member of her cult, she decided she would both survive through her and eventually consume and dominate the world. Eventually finding her way to the Dragon Kingdom, she pledged her allegiance to a local warlord, Jun Kun, realizing through him she could rise to power. Since then, the two worked together as warlords in the region.

Sonic and Tails first encountered the Iron King and Queen during their quest for Ixis Naugus, who fled across all of Mobius. When they arrived at Mount Stormtop Village, they learned that the Iron King and Queen crowned themselves ruler of the village. When the villagers refused to swear loyalty to either, the Iron Queen set Mount Stormtop on fire for over a hundred days and would not lift the spell until the villagers agreed to bow down to them. Sonic and Tails were told by Li Yeun that only the magical Fan of Fen Xing could blow out the flames on the mountain.

When the two tried to retrieve it, the Iron Queen cast a spell on renegade cyborg, Monkey Khan, to kill Sonic and Tails before they arrived. They managed to free Khan and he joined them in assaulting the Iron King at his fortress. Sonic and the others returned to Mount Stormtop to blow out the flames, the Iron Queen tried to use her magic to stop them but failed and the flames were extinguished. The Iron Queen left the village swearing vengeance on Sonic.

Nearly two years later, Regina responded to Snively, who was doing a routine checkup on all of the Sub-Bosses around Mobius. After chatting over the Eggnet for some time, the two became romantically attracted to one another and began planning to meet up and overthrow Dr. Eggman. To show her affection, Regina sent Snively a cologne scent from her region of Mobius, which Snively enjoyed but Lien-Da found repulsive. As Eggman went into a decline in sanity and the Freedom Fighters pressed their advances against his ruined capital city of New Megaopolis Snively and Regina prepared to take over the empire.

After Sonic finally defeated Eggman in a one-on-one showdown, Eggman lost his final grip on sanity and after the Freedom Fighters and Chaotix left, Snively locked Eggman in a padded cell in a straight jacket and headed to the landing bay of the Eggdome to greet Regina and her Yagyu Clan forces who had arrived via dirigible.