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Soumerca Dark Egg Legion

The Soumerca Dark Egg Legion is an enforcement group under the control of the Eggman Empire composed of former members of both the newly reformed Wolf Pack Nation and the ancient Felidae of the Mysterious Cat Country. Princess Sally discovered this chapter while investigating the disappearance of the Ancient Onyx, an artifact sacred to both peoples the chapter's members originally belonged to. Given their activities at a time of such tension between the two groups, she quickly deduced that they were planning on instigating a war in Soumerca. She was then set upon by Drago Wolf and Razorklaw, joint Grandmasters of the chapter and former members of the two societies in whose territory they were operating. After briefly resisting capture, she surrendered and was taken into the chapter's base of operations in the Mystic Ruins, a region that neither the Felidae or Wolves would enter due to ancient taboo and the borders of the other. While captive of the two Grandmasters, Sally was able to goad Drago into sharing information about the group. He had joined the Eggman Empire leaving the Destructix, and upon being outfitted with implants was made a Grandmaster along with Razorklaw. For his part, Razorklaw had been a Felidae warrior, but had been exiled after losing a fight to the Guardian Locke over a year previously. He and others of his kind so treated had then joined up with Dr. Eggman when he came into the region seeking allies. They were subsequently joined by Wolf Pack members who had gone missing after the mass De-Roboticization of Mobius' inhabitants and remained unaccounted for after the formation of the Wolf Pack Nation. The group was then attacked by Wolves and Felidae, who had been led there by Sonic after he had deduced where a hostile party might be hiding. After the details of their membership were exposed to their enemies, the Legionnaires were defeated by the combined force, whilst the Grandmasters met defeat at the hands of both Sonic and Big the Cat. They subsequently retreated to a secret bunker, while their enemies allowed them to retreat.

Drago Wolf

Dark Legionnaire (Wolf)
Dark Legionnaire (Felidae)