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The Bride of Conquering Storm

Conquering Storm

F) In40
A) In40
S) Gd10
E) Am50
R) Gd10
I) Ex20
P) Ex20

Health: 140 Karma: 50
Resources: Pr Pop: -10

Known Powers:
Legionized: Despite wanting cybernetic implants to be apart of the Dark Egg Legion, Conquering Storm had limited cybernetics placed into her body to spare her clan. Her implants give her the following abilities:
-Enhanced Vision: Conquering Storm's eyes were replaced to give her the following:
--Night Vision: Doesn't suffer any penalties in total darkness
Lightning Speed: In land speed, Conquering Storm has the following power stunts:
-May substitute for Agility for dodging and catching projectiles.
-May substitute for Intuition for initiative.

Katana Sword: In material, In Edge

Talents: Leadership, Martial Arts A, B, E, Ninja, Stealth, Acrobatics, Tumbling

Contacts: Yagyu Clan


Despite severing ties with the disintegrating Iron Dominion, Storm and her clan still maintained contact with the Eggman Empire. Records of calls from Snively showed discussion concerning the Clan being Legionized; while Storm maintained that her Clan was already strong enough without cybernetic implants, Snively told her she'd do as ordered, and she begrudgingly accepted. When Snively inquired as to the status of the Iron Queen, she impatiently informed him that she was still incarcerated in a prison that was devoid of all technology that could be influenced by Regina's Magitek powers, thus making her escape unlikely. Her tone implied that this was not the first time Snively had inquired about Regina's status.

Conquering Storm was later teleported aboard the Death Egg Mark 2 along with the various Grandmasters of Eggman's other Dark Egg Legion chapters, and received orders to have her forces search for the missing blue Chaos Emerald in addition to seeking to expand the empire. Eggman later visited her in her homeland, and despite her continued assertions that her people needed no cybernetic enhancements, Eggman sustained Snively's previous order, also inquiring as to the status of Regina. Unbeknownst to Eggman, Conquering Storm had been approached by the treacherous Snively and had supplied him with an ancient battle suit that became the Iron Oni.