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F) Rm30
A) Rm30
S) Ex20
E) In40
R) Gd10
I) Ex20
P) Ex20

Health: 120 Karma: 50
Resources: Ex Pop: -20

Known Powers:
Cybernetics: Lien-Da has enhanced herself with cybernetics, giving her the following abilities:
-Communications: Am
-Explosive Device: Dr. Eggman has implanted an explosive device in Lien-Da. When triggered, this will deal Am damage to an entire area, killing Lien-Da

Whip: Ex material, She is able to perform several feats with this weapon, including the following:
-Entangle: Lien-Da can snap the whip out to wrap it around an object up to 8 feet away, leaving 4 feet of leather to entwine itself around the object
-Strike: Gd damage

Talents: Leadership, Martial Arts A, B, Weapon Specialist: (Whip), Acrobatics

Contacts: Dark Egg Legion


Lien-Da is the daughter of Luger (the leader of the Dark Legion) and his wife, Merin-Da, and was born with her twin brother, Kragok. When Merin-Da died from an illness, Luger remarried to Mari-Su and had another daughter, Julie-Su. Feeling that Julie-Su was trespassing on her life, Lien-Da scorned Julie-Su and treated her poorly. Sometime later, Mari-Su died in an accident and from then on, Lien-Da began ignoring Julie-Su entirely. When Luger mysteriously disappeared, Lien-Da and Kragok leapt at their chance to take control of the Dark Legion and set Kragok up as the new leader, for both had been impatient with their father's peaceful rule. Not wanting their step-sister involved with their rule, Lien-Da and her brother had Julie-Su's memory wiped, and then again so as to remove her from her adoptive family, fearing they might eventually reveal her relation to them.

After the presumed death of Kragok, Dimitri assumed control, with Lien-Da taking more and more control as Dimitri's ancient body began to fail, despite the cybernetics he had grafted to himself.

Shortly after Dimitri gained control of the Legion, he attempted to put an end to the long standing war between the Legion and the rest of Echidna society. Lien-Da secretly attempted to use the meeting between Dimitri and the Mitre (the political leader of Echidnaopolis) to her own advantage, and arranged an assassination. The intended target of this assassination, however, was never stated. Regardless, the assassination was foiled by Lara-Su, Knuckles' daughter from an alternative future.

Following this event, Lien-Da continued in her role as Dimitri's assistant, and although she at times disagreed with his orders (particularly his orders to try and make peace with Knuckles and his allies), she apparently tried to serve him well. When Dimitri's health took a turn for the worse, Lien-Da assisted him in a plan to convince Knuckles, who at the time was essentially a living Chaos Emerald, to use his powers to give Dimitri new life. He furthermore made Lien-Da promise to continue his policies, in case of his death. The plan to use Knuckles' power to save Dimitri failed due to interference from Mammoth Mogul, who tried to steal Knuckles' powers for himself.

During the year that Sonic the Hedgehog was lost in space, Lien-Da inherited control over the Dark Legion with the aid of the recent newcomer, Dr. Finitevus, as Dimitri had vanished - Lien-Da simply claimed he was no longer with them, implying his death. However, during that time, Dr. Eggman sent the Dingoes to capture Angel Island as well as Knuckles' father, Locke, who had entrusted the care of the Master Emerald in Lien-Da's hands, as all echidnas on the island were now threatened by the Dingo Regime. She then enlisted the help of Knuckles and Sonic to free Angel Island and rescue Locke, which they successfully did. Not long after, the Legion split into rival factions; one lead by Lien-Da, the other by a brainwashed Remington who was revealed to be Kragok's son and thus next in line. Eventually they called a truce when Finitevus revealed that he planned to unite the Legion under a reborn Enerjak, and promised them both power from the Master Emerald so as to take revenge on Dr. Eggman. In truth, he had been responsible for Dimitri going missing, having wanted to learn of the original Enerjak. He then planned to use one of Dimitri's decedents to recreate Enerjak, so Lien-Da and Remington (whom he rescued, half-dead, from the Egg Grapes) were candidates. However, he later decided that Knuckles, with his strong connection to the Chaos Force, would be more suitable, especially as he found Lien-Da to be hard to control. Feeling betrayed and cheated from power, Lien-Da and Remington formed a truce in order to stop Finitevus and the new Enerjak. They were easily overwhelmed, and after Enerjak restored Remington's true memories and body, he transformed all of the Legionnaires back to their "natural" forms, removing all their cybernetics. Those who seemed "thankful" of Enerjak's actions were sent to Albion. Many, however, including Lien-Da, were shocked and horrified at losing what they saw as enhancements. Calling him a monster, she protested that wanting to better one's self wasn't unnatural.

With most of her followers unable to cope with the loss of their cyborg parts, and their own resources decimated from all the recent fighting, Lien-Da went to the one person with the technical know-how to restore their cybernetics: Dr. Robotnik. She offered him the Legion to replace his ground forces lost to Enerjak, saying that she would command them while he would be free to command her. They shook on it, and while Lien-Da was initially pleased at becoming Grandmaster of the Legion, her happiness was short-lived, as it was revealed that someone who outranked her had already formed an alliance with Robotnik: Dimitri.

With their cybernetics restored, the Dark Egg Legion became the active ground forces in Eggman's city, defending it from attacks by the Freedom Fighters and Chaotix, though failing to stop their progress into the city and the destruction of a communications tower. Seeing as the Legion is still made up of echidnas, Knuckles tries to reason with Lien-Da, but she refuses to listen to him, even when it turns out that Snively and Eggman are poorly supporting the Legion in their battle. When later questioned about his lacking support of his ground troops, Eggman reveals to Dimitri that the Legion's new cybernetics are all implanted with remote-activated bombs, and that he'll use these echidnas as a resource down to the last one. Dimitri finds and scans Lien-Da, finding a bomb and being forced to admit that Eggman wasn't bluffing. When he explains the situation to Lien-Da, she angrily tries to blame the situation on anyone but herself, despite that it was she who sold her people out to Eggman. She remains trapped commanding the Legion under Eggman, while Dimitri tries to think of a way out of the situation, neither willing to turn to Knuckles for aid.