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Beauregard Rabbot

Beauregard Rabbot

F) Ex20
A) Gd10
S) Gd10
E) Ex20
R) Gd10
I) Gd10
P) Ex20

Health: 60 Karma: 40
Resources: Gd Pop: 0

Known Powers:
Cybernetics: Rabbot had cybernetic enhancements done to his body. They give him the following abilities:
-Cybernetic Arm: Rabbot's right arm gives him Rm Strength. His Health does not change.

Cane: Ex material

Talents: Leadership

Contacts: Dark Egg Legion


Beauregard was one of the many victims of Roboticization during the First Robotnik War; as a mindless Robian, he was set against Sand Blast City. However, when the Bem performed a mass deroboticization of almost all Robians on Mobius, Beauregard suddenly found himself returned to normal without knowing what had happened. He and the other former Robians attempted to settle in Sand Blast City before getting ready to return home; however, the Sand-Blasters didn't trust the former Robians and treated them as second-class citizens, driving them into the badlands. Wanting to protect his group, Beauregard was forced to approach the Eggman Empire for help; the former Robians received cybernetic upgrades and joined the Dark Egg Legion.

In exchange for being Legionized, the new DEL chapter was ordered to run and protect the Oil Ocean Refinery for Eggman. Beauregard became the chapter's Grandmaster. Despite not wanting to help Eggman, he felt he had no choice in order to keep his people safe. This put him back in conflict with the Sand Blasters and their city. Due to this conflict, however, Beauregard's niece, Bunnie Rabbot, arrived in the region; the same measures the Sand Blasters used against the Legion had affected her as well, causing her to fall injured and be found by the Legion. Beauregard had the Legion take her in and give her time to recover; one she'd finally regained consciousness, he approached her and the two happily reunited after having not seen each other in years. Due to Bunnie's robotic limbs, Beauregard assumed that she too had been Legionized, but when she explained that she'd actually been half-roboticized and then joined the Freedom Fighters, he said he was proud of her. He was shocked to learn she had married, though he showed some reservations upon hearing that Bunnie had married into a family he considered "soldiers bent on protectin' the oppressors." Bunnie said she didn't want to "start" again with that topic, especially after they had just found each other again, and he dropped it. When Bunnie asks how he could have possibly chosen to side with Eggman, he took the situation lightly at first, but then decided that since she was grown up now, he should be honest with her. He took her out into the Legion's desert settlement and explained why he felt they had no choice but to work for Eggman. Eventually, Bunnie said she understood and agreed to help him. The next morning, Beauregard rode a Legion saucer to the refinery with Bunnie and a young Legionnaire, Matilda. He asked Bunnie if she would really be okay fighting what were technically other Freedom Fighters, but Bunnie insisted that she wasn't fond of the Sand Blasters, anyway. Beauregard was suddenly punched by Sonic the Hedgehog, who had arrived with the Sand Blasters in order to "rescue" Bunnie from the Dark Egg Legion.