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Egg Phoenix

Egg Phoenix

Control: Rm
Speed: Mn
Body: Rm
Protection: Ex

Weapons System:
-Fire Sheath: While in flight, the Egg Phoenix is surrounded with a sheath of flame that provides:
--Body Armor: In protection vs. Weapons of less that Am material
--Anyone touching the Egg Phoenix with this active suffers In fire damage.
-Flame-Throwers: In Flame, 7 areas
-Missile Launchers: Missile Launcher fired up to 8 air-to-air missiles at once. Each missile was self-guiding with the following statistics:
--Body: Ex
--Control: Rm
--Speed: In
--Damage: In
-Communications: Mn rank and range for all Radio and other Communications devices.
-VTOL: The Egg Phoenix can land and takeoff vertically.


The Egg Phoenix was a massive flying machine made by Dr. Eggman. Its only use was to counterattack the Freedom Fighters and Chaotix's assault on the Egg Dome. Armed with flamethrowers on its "feet" and missiles, the Egg Phoenix proved to be a match for the two groups. However, Sally came up with the plan of having Sonic, Vector, Knuckles, Tails and Bunnie use teamwork to lead the Egg Phoenix straight up into the air to make it stall out. With the fires out on the Egg Phoenix, Saffron, Charmy and Ray planted Neutralizing Mines on the craft's hull allowing Tails to deactivate it, causing the vessel to crash and blow up.