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Death Egg Mark 2

Death Egg Mark 2

Control: Am
Speed: In
Body: Un
Protection: Un

Weapons Systems (External): the ship is equipped with 8 tentacles, each of which contains a major weapons system. All weapons are controlled by Braniac in direct link with his ship's computer. They're all fired with his Reason plus ship skill to hit.
-Egg Annihilator Beam: Sh-Y, The Egg Annihilator Beam was a large-sized energy canon housed in the very bottom of the Death Egg Mark 2. In terms of raw firepower, it was probably the most devastating weapon aboard the entire battle station.
-External Laser Array: Am Energy, 10 area
-Teleportation System: Un ability to teleport anyone within the Dark Egg Legion onto the Death Egg Mark 2
-Egg 'Stache Flyer: The Eg 'Stache Flyer disengages from the Death Egg. The stats for the Egg 'Stache Flyer are found on the link.
Weapons Systems (Internal):
-Internal Automated Turrets: Rm Energy
-Cosmic Reset Button: CL1000, while in possession of the Blue Chaos Emerald, Dr. Eggman was able to deploy the Cosmic Reset Button. It allows Eggman to rewrite history by resetting the present.
-World Roboticizer: Eggman then constructed a giant Roboticzer capable of affecting the entire world with the power of a Chaos Emerald, housing it inside the Death Egg Mark 2. The World Roboticizer that could roboticize Mobius with Sh-Z ability.
Death Egg's Computer: Mn material, Sh-Y Reason
-Talents: Engineering, all Science skills.

Known Inhabitants:
Doctor Eggman
Egg Swats
Egg Mites
Metal Series

Egg Prisons
Egg Pods

Egg Jet
Egg Phoenix
Egg Tortoise
Egg Camels


The Death Egg Mark 2 was a newer version of the previous Death Egg created years later by Dr. Eggman. While concealed as the EggDome, it served as Eggman's base of operations following the destruction of New Megaopolis and was occupied by the Iron Dominion's forces during its takeover. After Eggman resumed control, weeks of repairs were performed until its body was deemed flight-worthy. With a Chaos Emerald powering it's main reactor, the Death Egg Mk II was successfully launched into the sky and situated itself over New Mobotropolis as Operation: Clean Sweep was initialized.

In the aftermath of Enerjak's decimating attack on New Megaopolis, the EggDome was the only structure left relatively intact. With the Death Egg's lower levels concealed below ground, Eggman made use of it as an emergency bunker and operation center for himself and his Dark Egg Legion. While the doctor did put a concentrated effort into building up the EggDome, his obsession with Sonic the Hedgehog and his increasing decline in sanity had an obvious impact on the structure as it became more sloppy overall and left unfinished. Even after the EggDome was invaded by the Freedom Fighters and Chaotix, Eggman's breakdown, the Iron Queen's occupation, and numerous investigations by Sonic, the true nature of the structure being the Death Egg was kept a well-hidden secret to all but Dr. Eggman himself.

Little is known about this new Death Egg. Its body used to be the EggDome, and it has a Chaos Emerald as its primary power source. Dr. Eggman and Snively Robotnik used the last remaining power from the ruins of New Megaopolis to venture into the Special Zone in order to retrieve the gem. After preparations, Dr. Eggman launched the Death Egg Mark 2 while Sonic was battling Ixis Naugus. Later, when it appeared above New Mobotropolis to everyone's shock, it was then attacked by the Freedom Fighters and was infiltrated by Sonic the Hedgehog and Princess Sally Acorn. They were then attacked by Silver Sonic v3.0. After realizing that Dr. Eggman was just stalling them, Sally tried to find him, but she was shot by one of his weapons. Dr. Eggman then fired his new weapon, starting Operation: Clean Sweep.

The World Roboticizer

The Egg Annihilation Beam