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Princess Sally Acorn

Princess Sally Alicia Acorn is the daughter of the former king Maximillian Acorn and former queen Alicia Acorn, and sister to the current king, Elias Acorn. Sally is also known as a great leader of the Freedom Fighters. She was sent to the sanctuary of Knothole Village by her father when the Great War was going badly for the Mobians, and led the Knothole Freedom Fighters on many field missions against Dr. Ivo Robotnik when he took power shortly after the Great War's end. After King Acorn healed and resumed his role as king, Sally once again led the Knothole Freedom Fighters for a time, until the group was disbanded. For months her ability to work with the Freedom Fighters was limited, as her royal obligations kept her occupied. This continued for over a year, until Elias took the throne in place of King Acorn. Thus freed from these responsibilities, Sally returned to full field duty, where she took part in many different missions with the other Freedom Fighters until she fell in the line of duty during Operation: Clean Sweep when she sacrificed her free will to destroy the World Roboticizer, and during the process, became Eggman's newest robot lackey.

Current Version:
Mecha Sally

Former Version:
Princess Sally Acorn