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Princess Sally Acorn

Princess Sally Acorn

F) Rm30
A) Ex20
S) Gd10
E) Rm30
R) Ex20
I) Gd10
P) Rm30

Health: 90 Karma: 60
Resources: Rm Pop: 50

Known Powers:

NICOLE: Am material, Sally's Personal Handheld Computer, NICOLE, is a unique device capable of the following power stunts:
-Computer Interface: Un ability to interface with other mechanical systems, allowing her to access and download information or even provide the Freedom Fighters with control over various unfriendly technologies.
-Scanners: Un ability to detection Life, Radiation, Sonar, Radar, etc.
-Laser: Rm Energy, up to 1 area, equipped with a low power laser, which can be used to cut through In material metal.

Talents: Heiress to Throne, Leadership, Tactician, Martial Arts A, B, E, Acrobatics, Tumbling

Contacts: Knothole Freedom Fighters, NICOLE, Council of Acorn, The Chaotix, Sonic the Hedgehog, Bunnie Rabbot, Knuckles the Echidna, Secret Service


The daughter of King Maximillian and Queen Alicia Acorn, Sally was born during the Great War. In the first few years of her life, Sally lived carefree, unaware of the conflicts surrounding her. She would often accompany her father to the Floating Island, where she first met Knuckles the Echidna. While King Max and Knuckles' father Locke would go off to discuss matters, Sally and Knuckles would keep each other company, forging a close friendship. However, after Sally's final visit the two would not see one another again for many years.

Back in Mobotropolis, Sally befriended the brash blue hedgehog called Sonic. The two would often play together in the royal palace and cause mischief. As the Great War escalated and Mobotropolis came under siege, Sally, Sonic and most of the other children in the city were evacuated to the safe haven of Knothole Village. During her stay there, Sally's mother and brother Elias, whom Sally had no memory of, were sent to Angel Island to hide during the remainder of the war. Their air craft was shot down however and the two were presumed dead for over a decade.

Following the end of the Great War, Sally and the other evacuated families returned to Mobotropolis. However, not long after this, the Warlord at the time, Julian Kintobor, unleashed in long-planned schemes of betrayal. Changing his name to Dr. Ivo Robotnik, he launched a full scale coup d'état, capturing Sally's father and rounding up millions to be roboticized. Present in the castle at the time of the coup, the five-year-old Sally was quickly taken to Knothole along with many other children by Rosie and Julayla where she would meet up again with Sonic and other childhood friends, including Antoine D'Coolette and Rotor Walrus. There they would remain in safe hiding and live free from Robotnik's tyranny.

Sally and Sonic were deeply inspired by the Original Freedom Fighters and their resistance of Dr. Robotnik. Following the defeat and disappearance of the Original Freedom Fighters, Sally forged a pact with Sonic and her friends to continue the fight in their stead. As early as age ten, Sally began leading the Knothole Freedom Fighters in their struggle against Robotnik.

After living in Knothole for some time, Sally's mentor and teacher Julayla grew ill. Sally had a deep respect for Julayla, and was deeply saddened when she died of old age. Before she died, Julayla gave Sally the Acorn Royal Signet and told her she was ready to lead the Freedom Fighters. Julayla also left for Sally a blue vest which she continued to wear for years. Immediately afterward, Sally was sent a "friend" in the form of NICOLE, a sentient compact super computer that originates from an alternative future where Sally is Queen. Feeling that her past self would seriously need a friend, Sally had Rotor design NICOLE and sent her back in time.

The ultimate goal of the Freedom Fighters was to oust the oppressive tyrant Dr. Robotnik and restore the Kingdom of Acorn. Hidden deep within the Great Forest in their rebel headquarters of Knothole, the Freedom Fighters carried out guerrilla attacks on Robotnik's operations. Seeing the Princess as a threat to his control, Robotnik made her capture a top priority. A scheme to replace Sally with a malevolent robotic double nearly worked, with a secondary plan of creating a whole line of robots modeled off of each of the Freedom Fighters lined up. The real Sally uncovered this plot, unmasked the fake Sally, and destroyed the rest of Robotnik's duplicates.

Robotnik later managed to infiltrate Knothole with a duplicate of Sally's father, King Max. The traitorous Freedom Fighter named Drago arranged for Sally's assassination, pinning the blame on Sonic in an elaborate frameup. Robotnik then appeared unexpectedly in Knothole after the fake King Max leaked its location. After arriving at the Freedom Fighters' doorstep and holding them all hostage, Robotnik announced his plan to use the rebel headquarters as a testing ground for his super-weapon, with which he intends to eradicate all non-robotic life on the planet. His "Endgame" scheme is nevertheless foiled by the rebellion, and Robotnik is vaporized during the weapon's backfiring.

In the wake of Robotnik's defeat, Sally worked hard to re-establish the old kingdom. The desolate wasteland of Robotropolis was difficult to rebuild, and discrimination against Robians threatened to spark a civil war. A new Robotnik arrived from a alternate reality and quickly retook Mobotropolis. He was destroyed in battle, but through the digital transfer of his mind into a new robotic body, he was able to live on as "Dr. Eggman". For a time, Sally presided over the newly-established Kingdom of Knothole, a haven from Eggman until he too, like Robotnik, learned of its location.

After Robotnik was killed, Sally was put in charge of reconstruction of Mobotropolis. With Sally busy behind the scenes, other Freedom Fighters took on the role of field commander, with Sonic himself occasionally filling that role. With the return of her parents, Sally could not properly rule either. Sally became frustrated with a lack of control over her life, which culminated in an arranged marriage with Antoine. The wedding was quickly annulled when her groom turned out to be Patch, an evil version of Antoine from a parallel universe. After her brother Elias took the throne and her father fell ill, Sally returned to taking a more active role in overseeing the Freedom Fighters, even joining them in combat.

Sally agreed to be the maid of honor at Bunnie and Antoine's wedding, with Sonic serving as best man. Not long after the ceremony, Sally became Eggman's prisoner during the aerial bombardment of Knothole, but was promptly freed by a rescue mission mounted by the few who weren't taken prisoner: Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, and NICOLE. With Knothole completely crushed, Dr. Eggman turned his sights on New Mobotropolis. Sally once more led the charge against the enemy forces herself, resulting in the the Freedom Fighters and Chaotix defeating Eggman's Egg Beater battlesuit. Just prior to this, her shoulder-length hair was restored to its original length and style by Bunnie, symbolizing that she was her old self again.

Not long after, she interrupted a duel between her brother Elias and Tails' father Amadeus Prower, both of whom were leading separate factions in a schism that threatened to plunge New Mobotropolis into civil war. Reminding them of her own ruling experience, she managed to bring the battle to an end and worked with them to establish a new system of government. Though the new ruling body called for seven council members-including Elias-Sally declined running, apparently quite fine with leaving politics behind for a while. Sadly, her relief at the averted crisis was short-lived, as Dimitri the Echidna arrived with horrifying news: Enerjak had returned.

After the Enerjak rampage and Mogul's escape, the latter then took over Robotnik's old Casino Night Zone and changed it to his own image. Meanwhile, Sally spent some time alone with Sonic in the ruins of Knothole talking about their past and feelings for one another. Their conversation was interrupted by Bean and Bark and the Destructix. Eventually, Sonic was knocked out by a shot from Nack the Weasel, who then gave Sally ten seconds to run for help while Sonic was dragged off by the Destructix. She soon liberated him with the help of Amy Rose and Geoffrey. When the heroes confronted Mogul, however, he denied all claims of wrong-doing as his accusers lacked any incontrovertible evidence. Sally and her friends were then sent away publicly humiliated.

Following this, the Suppression Squad came to Mobius Prime through the Star Posts and began attacking Freedom HQ. Sonic arrived back at Freedom HQ just as Scourge emerged. Unfortunately, the Freedom Fighters found themselves matched blow-for-blow with the Suppression Squad, and the battle was taking its toll on the base so Sally convinced Sonic and the rest to retreat.

Later, Sally told Sonic he was being sent on a mission to invade Anti Mobius with Amy Rose. While they were gone, Miles from the Suppression Squad was sent to bomb New Mobotropolis. Sally and the Freedom Fighters arrived on the scene, only to find that Miles was actually willing to propose an alliance against Scourge. After Miles explained how Scourge took over their world, Sally agreed to helping him.

However, the Freedom Fighters and Suppression Squad were no match for Scourge. After Sonic returned to take on Scourge, they were both blasted by Boomer and thrown back into Moebius by Miles. Afterwards, Boomer shut down the star posts; therefore, Sonic and Scourge were unable to return to Mobius.

Sally and Alicia ended up arguing about stranding Sonic and Amy in Moebius, but the two were interrupted when Rob O' the Hedge and Silver the Hedgehog arrived. Sally proceeded to explain to them what had happened to Sonic and Amy and how they were stranded in Moebius. Silver then used the warp ring to go there with Rob O' the Hedge. Sally then told Tails to start fixing up the Star Posts.

Shortly after Tails had repaired the Star Posts and they went through them to Moebius, the Suppression Squad and Freedom Fighters where ambushed by Super Scourge and he tried to injure the corwardly Miles, but Silver used his psychokinesis to grab and hold Scourge before he could, but he managed to break free nonetheless. Sally then ordered Silver to try this again so the others could pile on top of Super Scourge long enough for him to lose his super form, but Silver's power failed him yet again and Scourge threw the others off of him. Scourge was later defeated thanks to the quick thinking of Sonic, as the Anarchy Beryl drained Scourge of his strength when he powered down. Sally then walked back with the others to Dr. Kintobor's tower to go back to Mobius via the Globe Posts.

After returning from Moebius, Sally was brought before the Council of Acorn to a hearing to see if they should arrest her for going against the orders of not retaliating against the Suppression Squad and not attacking Eggman, with her former student Hamlin as the prosecutor. Some even thinking her actions could be some part of a royal conspiracy. The council almost arrested Sally as the case against her was too strong, but Sally said that she would always wait for the orders of the council even during a battle and would neglect to go to the Chaotix for any future help. Or that the council could trust her with the duty she's had all her life and drop the charges. Everyone but Hamlin then voted for the charges against Sally to be dropped.

The next day, Sally led the attack against the Egg Dome, commanding both the Knothole Freedom Fighters and the Chaotix. Using her tactics, both teams managed to defeat the Dark Egg Legion and force it into retreat. Before they could get the group to surrender, the Egg Phoenix showed up and began attacking. Sally came up with the plan to have Sonic distract Eggman while Ray, Charmy and Saffron planted Tails' Neutralizing Mines. After the Egg Phoenix was destroyed, Sally ordered the groups to set up camp for the night, as they were all battle-weary (except Sonic).