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The Chaotix

The Chaotix is a group based on Angel Island. The Chaotix evolved into something of a support group for Knuckles, serving as his equivalent of Sonic the Hedgehog's Freedom Fighters. Their early missions included battling the evil Enerjak, who at the time was also Knuckles' great-uncle Dimitri the Echidna, who controlled their minds briefly before they managed to defeat him. The group also tangled with a band of cyborg Echidnas known as the Dark Legion, and a defector from that group eventually joined them: Julie-Su, who would later become Knuckles' girlfriend. Charmy Bee would later leave the group to return home to the Golden Hive Colony.

Following Knuckles's death and subsequent rebirth, the Chaotix moved to Knothole Village, becoming a larger team with the Freedom Fighters. The group also expanded with the addition of Charmy's girlfriend Saffron, along with Charmy, joined up with the Chaotix after the Golden Hive Colony was destroyed and Rouge the Bat. They participated in multiple battles against enemies including the Metal Sonic Troopers, Mammoth Mogul, Ixis Naugus, and the Destructix. However, with the exception of Knuckles, all of them were taken prisoner by Dr. Robotnik during Knothole's destruction and transported to the Egg Grape Chamber along with most of the Knothole Freedom Fighters. Both groups were later freed and taken to the city of New Mobotropolis in a rescue mission devised by NICOLE, and the Chaotix joined the Freedom Fighters in destroying Dr. Robotnik's Egg Beater. When they learned of Enerjak's rebirth, they tried to fight their way free of New Mobotropolis to reach Angel Island and Knuckles, who had left sometime earlier to return and help his father Locke, but were convinced to stop by the Freedom Fighters.

Agreeing to stay in New Mobotropolis to help them against Enerjak, the Chaotix were among the group that rushed to meet the new Enerjak when he arrived. Unfortunately, they were also the first to learn the truth behind their old foe's rebirth: Knuckles had been transformed into him thanks to the machinations of Dr. Finitevus.

Knuckles the Echidna
Espio the Chameleon
Mighty the Armadillo
Vector the Crocodile
Charmy Bee
Ray the Squirrel

Former Members:
Rouge the Bat