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F) Ty6
A) Ex20
S) Pr4
E) In40
R) Ty6
I) Ty6
P) Ty6

Health: 70 Karma: 18
Resources: Ty Pop: -10

Known Powers:
Robotic Construct: Bomb is a Badnik, a robot created by Dr. Robotnik. Its very body gives him the following abilities:
-Body Armor: In protection vs. Physical and Energy
-Immune to Disease and Toxins: CL1000
-Self-Sustenance: Doesn't need to eat, sleep and breathe
-Explosion: Bomb is able to explode, creating Am damage to an entire area. He can reconstitute himself from within Heavy's body.


Talents: None

Contacts: Heavy


Bomb was created in 3235 along with his counterpart Heavy, both created to act as "mechanical mechanics, designed to seek out and repair damaged systems automatically". However, because Robotnik used Power Gems to power them, Heavy and Bomb developed consciousness and consciences. When the two discovered Robotnik's schemes to trap the Knothole Freedom Fighters in the Hall of Mirrors at Happyland Amusement Park, they left Robotnik and joined the Chaotix to help them stop Robotnik's plans. When Metal Sonic attacked the Chaotix, Heavy and Bomb aided in their efforts to destroy him, with Bomb attaching himself to Metal Sonic and blowing himself up. After this, Bomb later came out of Heavy with the artificial intelligence of the previous went being uploaded to the new model.

Sometime after this, Heavy and Bomb sought out a place to fit in. Due to Heavy's ability to tap into Robotnik's database, he researched information regarding Geoffrey St. John and finally went to him in Knothole to join the Royal Secret Service. Realizing their potential, Geoffrey recruited them. Bomb, along with Valdez, helped save Hershey from a cybernetic shark thanks to Valdez's quick thinking. He threw Bomb in to the shark's mouth. He came out of the water moments after ward. Heavy and Bomb's first mission took them to Angel Island once again, this time to discover what had become of Queen Alicia during the Great War. The Secret Service successfully discovered Queen Alicia alive though in cryo-sleep and brought her back to Knothole.

Bomb accompanied the Secret Service in rescuing Nate Morgan from Snively, Kodos, Uma Arachnis, Nack the Weasel, and the Destructix. During this time, Bomb actually misfired and caused embarrassment for both sides in the fight. He tried again and was attacked by a giant squid that attacked both sides. The third try worked, seemingly destroying the squid and Snively. He also helped evacuate Mobotropolis when Shadowbots attacked the city.

Following Sonic and Tails' encounter with Metal Sonic v2.5, the Royal Secret Service was sent to investigate the now-dormant site where they found Metal Sonic's slagged remains. Heavy determined Metal Sonic's core programming to be part of the still functional Power Gem. Some time after being recovered, Metal Sonic's core was captured by Dr. Eggman, forcing Geoffrey St. John to steal it back from Robotropolis on a solo mission before it could be put to misuse. The gem was then given to Sir Charles Hedgehog, who used it's data to build the Metal Sonic Troopers. (StH: #238, SU: #43) Some time later, Heavy and Bomb accompanied the rest of the Secret Service to Robotropolis to locate and retrieve the missing Sword of Acorns from Dr. Eggman. During this mission, the entire team was captured by Shadowbots. During their time in captivity, Eggman had each prisoner brought out one at a time to seem like they were being interrogated. In reality, this was a ruse to get Heavy and Bomb out of site so he could have them reprogrammed as sleeper agents. Following this, Bomb blew up the jail's walls and enabled the Secret Service team to escape.

Following the rescue of the Robians from Robotropolis, Dr. Eggman activated Heavy and Bomb to begin attacking. Due to nanoprobes injected into the systems of Wombat Stu, Hershey Cat, and Geoffrey St. John while in Robotropolis' jail, Bomb was able to incapacitate them by releasing a certain gas that activated the nanites. Following this, He then made copies of himself while Heavy command them surround Knothole holding the Royal Family hostage. Although Heavy had the numerous Bombs programmed to blow up should he be destroyed, Sonic smashed through Heavy anyways. Two seconds before the Bombs detonated, Rotor and Tails disabled them with an EMP generator, essentially putting them to sleep. He was taken apart after that.

In 3237, Dr. Eggman produced new models of Heavy and Bomb to assassinate the singing star Mina Mongoose after Nack the Weasel failed to do so. Bomb(s) and Heavy went into there concert where Miles "Tails" Prower was on lookout and spotted him, leading Fiona Fox, Bunnie Rabbot, Tails, and Amy Rose attacked him which created an explosion, but in Mina's dressing room, one last bomb was there which Ash Mongoose grabbed and ran out of the room when it blew up and severely injured him in the process.

Months later, Tails and Rotor rebuilt Bomb as well as Heavy, combining the cores with their original programs, and the body designs that Eggman from eariler. Both were repurposed to be members of Team Freedom to protect the city from incoming threats."King" Naugus did not like the idea of two traitor Badniks working for them, but Rotor reminded him that he was bad once as well and they first rebelled against Dr. Robotnik. During the exchange, a side of the civic center gave way due to unknown causes, and Bomb worked with Cheese and Rotor to destroy falling debris and blast the building back onto its foundation as Team Freedom managed to prevent a disaster, earning the public's overall support.