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Charmy Bee

Prince Charmy Bee is the prince of bees of the Golden Hive Colony. He felt pressured by his upcoming royal responsibilities and ran away from home, making his way to Angel Island. He found himself becoming a member of the Chaotix and assisted the group on Angel Island for a time before returning home. When Golden Hive Colony was destroyed by the Eggman Empire, Charmy and his fiancée, Saffron, the two known survivors, fled to Knothole to tell the news. Together with the other Chaotix members, Charmy was taken prisoner during an attack on Knothole by Dr. Eggman that resulted in the city's destruction. Fortunately, he and the others were rescued by Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy Rose, and NICOLE. Charmy was briefly subjected to the effects of the Egg Grape Chamber before he was freed, though he appeared to be stable according to a preliminary examination with the exception of an unknown amount of memory loss.

Current Version:
Charmy Bee

Former Version:
Charmy Bee (Pre-Egg Grape)