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Station Square

During the Xorda's attack on Earth, a large passenger craft carrying numerous humans was high above the planet's surface. The attack caused the ship to crash into a mountain, though its passengers survived the collision and the Gene Bomb strike. The surviving crew abandoned the ship and made their way through a massive cavern which led deeper into the mountain, eventually finding a location which was habitable.

With their new location completely isolated, the survivors began to build a new home for themselves within this hidden sanctuary. Beginning with basics such as farms to produce food and shelters to stay in, the humans used their technological knowledge to gradually expand their community.

Over the generations, the humans developed a massive metropolis, as well as an artificial environment which had the appearance of a sky, weather conditions and even a world beyond. The inhabitants of the city were content however with their new lives, and had no desire to search out the rest of the planet. Upon their completion of the city's largest building, the Savage Skyscraper, the city was renamed Station Square.

Years later, the residence of Station Square first came into contact with Mobians when the Knothole Freedom Fighters travelled there to warn the locals about the threat posed by Dr. Eggman, who was attempted to resurrect the water-beast Chaos. Dr. Eggman's schemes were nearly foiled, until Chaos managed to gain access to a number of Chaos Emeralds and transform into Perfect Chaos, flooding the entire city. Ultimately however, Perfect Chaos was stopped by Super Sonic beating out the negative energy, and Knuckles using the city's power to electrocute the water beast. Chaos was then returned to the Black Emerald along with Tikal and Station Square was left to rebuild.

Following Chaos' defeat, Dr. Eggman decided to use Silver Sonic II to exact revenge on Sonic and his friends. The robotic duplicate arrived in Station Square during Mayor Bullyani's farewell celebration for the Knothole Freedom Fighter's help. After destroying a building and injuring Tails, Silver Sonic II was defeated. Due to it having an unlimited power supply, and the city still open to future attacks, the robot was reprogrammed by Nate Morgan to act as the city's defender from Dr. Eggman. When Eggman returned to Station Square, he was surprised to see Silver Sonic Ii already rebuilt, and was soon chased out of the city.

Some time later, Shadow the Hedgehog was released by Dr. Eggman. The Ultimate Lifeform went to Station Square's bank and stole the city's Chaos Emerald. Silver Sonic II arrived on the scene to apprehend Shadow, but was quickly destroyed when Shadow used Chaos Control. Cheif Detective J.J. Moto investigated the incident, and believed Shadow to be Sonic the Hedgehog due to their similar appearance. Thus, G.U.N. was dispatched to capture Sonic. After a brief showdown, the G.U.N. agents apprehended Sonic. While flying over the city however, Sonic managed to escape captivity in the G.U.N. helicopter and make an escape.

After rescuing the Overlanders from Robotropolis, the Knothole Freedom Fighters travelled to Station Square in the hope of persuading the President to accept the seventy Overlander families. The cultural diffrences of the Overlanders prevented them from resettle in Knothole and Princess Sally offered up all tactical information on Dr. Eggman in exchange for accepting the Overlanders. Later the President would reveal his reluctance on accepting the Overlander when the city came under attack by a dragon. Sonic offered to take care of the dragon in exchange for accepting the Overlander Refugees, an offer that the President accepted. Sonic, Tails and Bunnie would join forces with Paladin Team Sigma-Alpha 2 from G.U.N. and traveled to the Dragon's Lair on Pyro Island where they discovered Dulcy and her abusive boyfriend Zan. A battle would break out between Sonic and Zan resulting in the death of Zan and the acceptance of the Overlanders.

After downloading the data provided to them by Princess Sally Acorn into the mainframe of the city's Outer Threat Immobilization System (OTIS) the device changed its command protocols and launched a nuclear strike against Robotropolis. Warning the Freedom Fighters of the impending attack, Sonic and Tails raced off to get Eggman to shoot down the missiles as the destruction of Robotropolis would destroy Knothole as well. Eggman refused since his force field would protect the city from the attack forcing Sonic and Tails to sabotage the controls and made their escape. Discovering that the force field controls had not been tampered with Eggman erected it just as the missiles entered the city and detonated.

When the Xorda arrived and began attacking the planet, the mountain which Station Square existed in was heavily damaged, exposing the city to the outside world. This left it vulnerable to Eggman's forces, something G.U.N. Commander Brass reminded the President of the following year, when Eggman threatened to launch a nuclear missile against their city. The city also attempted to destroy the Xorda's Quantum Dial by launching nuclear missiles at it, but the Dial's defences made the missiles fall apart once they came within close proximity.

Station Square officially allied themselves with the Kingdom of Acorn against the Eggman Empire sometime during Sonic's one year absence.

Station Square became the location of a new casino run by Renfield T. Rodent. The President hired the Chaotix and Rouge the Bat to investigate the casino, which turned out to be a front for one of Dr. Eggman's schemes. The slot machines scanned in genetic information, which would be used to create a new model of Auto Automaton. This was eventually discovered by the Chaotix, and Renfield was taken into custody to stand trial in a Station Square court.

President of Station Square
Abraham Tower
Hugo Brass
Hope Kintobor
J.J. Moto
Silver Sonic II
Big the Cat