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Royal Secret Service

The Royal Secret Service is an independant faction of the Acorn Kingdom Army that undertakes personal missions from the current King, and safeguards the land against threats that affect the entire planet. The Service, much alike the rest of the Army itself, was disbanded during Dr. Ivo Robotnik's military coup and its remaining members joined the Rebel Underground to fight alongside the Freedom Fighters. However, the Service was reinstated after the return of King Maximillian Acorn from the Zone of Silence. The Service's members are generally arrogant and narrow-minded, believing themselves the ultimate protectors of Mobius and no other military group has their kind of experience or expertise. However, this is generally not the case, as the Knothole Freedom Fighters, particularly Sonic the Hedgehog, prove themselves better than the Service time and again.

Geoffrey St. John
Hershey St. John

Former Members:
Wombat Stu