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Mammoth Mogul

Mammoth Ixis Mogul is an ancient Mobian who was one of the first to be empowered by the Chaos Emeralds, during the Days of Fury. With a Chaos Emerald embedded in his chest, he gained tremendous power and immortality and decided to use his strength to rule Mobius as an enlightened superior lord. Over the millenia, he honed his Chaos powers and built up an army, only to be defeated by the Albion Knights of Aurora. After this defeat, he underwent temporary hibernation, to emerge in the present day to menace Sonic and his allies. With powerful Chaos magics and a great intellect at his disposal, Mogul has many a time come close to total domination of Mobius.

Current Form:
Mammoth Mogul (Grey Chaos Emerald)

Other Incarnations:
Master Mogul
Mammoth Mogul (Without Chaos Emerald)