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Mammoth Mogul

Mammoth Mogul

F) In40
A) Rm30
S) Am50
E) Am50
R) In40
I) Am50
P) Am50

Health: 170 Karma: 140
Resources: Rm Pop: 0

Known Powers:
Body Resistance: Gd protection vs. Physical, Ty protection vs. Energy
Telepathy: Am, Mammoth Mogul is able to perform the following power stunts:
-Illusions: Am, he once used to trick the Chaotix and Freedom Fighters into attacking each other.
-Mind Control: Am, these powers were greatly diminished by the loss of his Chaos Emerald, to the point where he could no longer affect anyone but beings who had already been affected by those abilities, which are marked by a green diamond shape on their foreheads.


Talents: Business/Finance, Leadership, Mystic Background

Contacts: Destructix, Badniks