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Bunnie Rabbot

Bunnie Rabbot-D'Coolette is a Mobian rabbit and the wife of Antoine D'Coolette. Bunnie was among the many Mobians subjected to Dr. Ivo Robotnik's Roboticizer after being captured by his SWATbots, though the process was interrupted by Freedom Fighter agents Sonic the Hedgehog and Rotor Walrus, thus only a third of her body was roboticized. Bunnie accompanied the two men to Knothole and decided to remain a part of the Knothole Freedom Fighters, initially enamored by the idea of becoming Princess Sally Acorn's royal hairdresser, but later used her cybernetic enhancements to great effect in combat with Robotnik's robot minions and other foes, becoming a key member of the group. Following the events of Operation: Clean Sweep however, Bunnie's cybernetic limbs were restored to their organic state, stripping her of many of her former abilities and leaving her feeling more vulnerable than ever in years. She remained dedicated to Freedom Fighters' cause though, and with Antoine's help means to find a new role in the team to continue helping her friends.

Current Version:
Bunnie Rabbot

Former Versions:
Bunnie Rabbot (Half-Robian)
Bunnie Rabbot (Cybornetics)