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Bunnie Rabbot

Bunnie Rabbot

F) Rm30
A) Gd10
S) Ty6
E) Ex20
R) Gd10
I) Gd10
P) Ex20

Health: 66 Karma: 40
Resources: Ty Pop: 20

Known Powers:


Talents: Hair-Dresser, Martial Arts A, B, E, Wrestling, Acrobatics

Contacts: Knothole Freedom Fighters, Antoine D'Coolette, Princess Sally Acorn, Sonic the Hedgehog


Thanks to Sally and Sonic's actions aboard the Death Egg, its main weapon was prevented from firing and the Death Egg sustained heavy damage. However, before it retreated it released the massive Titan Metal Sonic upon New Mobotropolis as a distraction. Seeing it from the Freedom Fighter Special, Bunnie elected to jump from the plane and attempt to stop the giant robot. Much to her displeasure she was joined by Ixis Naugus, who didn't want to see the city he wished to control destroyed. Bunnie attacked the giant robot with her arm cannon; however, when Naugus was swatted aside by the robot, he retaliated with a massive blast from his Chaos Emerald wand. Due to the carelessness of this attack, Bunnie was caught in the blast along with the robot. The entire robot was transformed into magical crystal; likewise, Bunnie's robotic limbs and clothing were also transformed. Naugus then used the now-crystallized robot to block the Death Egg' final attack, a massive laser blast. The crystal robot took the hit and exploded, raining destruction upon the area. Fortunately, Cream the Rabbit had seen where Bunnie had fallen and dragged her to safety, saving her life. Bunnie, now unconscious, was brought to Dr. Quack by Big the Cat. Due to the magical nature of the problem, Quack could only determine that she was at least stable for the time being and had Big take her to the hospital.

After hearing about Bunnie's condition, Ixis Naugus claimed that hitting her with his magic had been an error from the heat of battle, and asked where she was. Once the crowd was directed to her location at the hospital, Naugus analyzed Bunnie while Antoine refused to allow him near her. As Nicole opened the wall for everyone to see, Naugus reassured a doubtful Bunnie that she would not feel a thing. After a flash of light, Bunnie and all present were shocked to see her robotic limbs had been turned back into flesh and blood. Although this result was totally unintentional, King Naugus quickly claimed it to be a reward from him for her heroics.

Later on that day, Bunnie was in a room alone, staring out a window. Antoine went to see what was wrong and she explained that, although she had dreamed of returning to normal for a long time, she now missed having all of the powers that came with being partly roboticized and feared that she would no longer be of any help to the Freedom Fighters. Antoine dismissed her worry by explaining how he had become a valuable member of the Freedom Fighters despite having no powers, and reassured her that her strength came not from her robotic parts, but from her heart. Now feeling confident in herself, she became determined to continue helping out as a Freedom Fighter as best as she could.

Before Bunnie could do anything with her new resolve though, the Battle Bird Aramda was sighted on a direct course for New Mobotropolis. A city-wide evacuation was ordered and though Bunnie insisted she could make it fine on her own, Antoine carried her out under the pretense of not being accustomed enough to her body's changes yet to put it under heightened stress. Without her cybernetics Bunnie could only wait with Antoine and the rest of the populace in the safety of the nearby woods, and watched as the Armada attacked and its Battle Fortress blew up their home. Once the Battle Birds were defeated and the city began rebuilding, Bunnie attended Geoffrey St. John's court martial, admiring her husband while he acted as the prosecutor. Though Antoine was able to convict Geoffrey of treason, a pardon from Naugus got him off the hook, and Bunnie tried to remind Antoine how well he did, hoping to calm him.

Bunnie then asked to be in the escort for protecting Elias and his family while they relocated to Feral Forest and took an Extreme Gear board to keep up. As they came under attack, Bunnie found she still had not adjusted to being normal again, and was unable to do much in battle against Metal Sonic or Mecha Sally without her cybernetics. Her helplessness hit home when Bunnie saw Antoine get caught in the blast of Metal Sonic's self-destruct, and she broke down in grief clutching her husband's body until Sonic saw he was still alive and she begged him to get Antoine to Dr. Quack.

Back at the hospital, Bunnie learned Antoine was in a coma, but denied using the device that healed King Max for fear it would make him worse soon after. Feeling she had no other options, Bunnie decided to leave the city to find the means necessary for her to protect her loved ones. As Bunnie tearfully wished Antoine to wait for her return, she left a note in his room for their friends, hoping they could somehow forgive her for her actions. It is likely that some of her grief came from the fact that her return to a fully organic form had opened up the possibility of her and Antoine starting a family, only for him to be cruelly cut down in the line of duty.