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Super Genesis Wave

During the Worlds Collide event, Super Sonic's attempt at restoring Mobius was met with interference by Eggman, which resulted in their world being restored to an almost unrecognizable state, where several parts of the worlds history had been changed and several residents had been moved around. After traveling around the planet, and having memories of the unaltered world returned to a few individuals thanks to some residual Genesis Wave energy, Nicole discovered that the Super Genesis Wave affected the entire multiverse too. The effects of the Super Genesis Wave ultimately proved to be too much for Sonic's world to handle and the stress of the Wave's remaining energy broke the planet to pieces.

Knothole Freedom Fighters:
Sonic the Hedgehog
Princess Sally Acorn
Rotor Walrus
Antoine D'Coolette
Bunnie Rabbot
Amy Rose
NICOLE the Holo-Lynx
Cream the Rabbit
Cheese the Chao
Big the Cat

Supporting Cast:
King Nigel Acorn
Uncle Chuck
Ben Muttski
Professor Pickle
Moss the Sloth
Dr. Ellidy

Knuckles the Echidna
The Chaotix
Mighty the Armadillo
Ray the Flying Squirrel
Honey the Cat
Team Dark
The Wolf Pack
The Avalon Freedom Fighters
The Desert Raiders
The Shijin Warriors

Sky Patrol

Points of Interest:
Sonic's World
Little Planet
The Lost Hex
The Future

Doctor Eggman
Walter Naugus
Wendy Naugus
Eclipse the Darkling
Nack the Weasel
Breezie the Hedgehog

Villainous Groups:
The Egg Army
The Black Arms
The Dark Gaia
Team Hooligan
The Witchcarters