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Zonic the Zone Cop

Zonic the Zone Cop

F) Rm30
A) Ex20
S) Ty6
E) Am50
R) Ex20
I) Ex20
P) Rm30

Health: 106 Karma: 70
Resources: Ty Pop: 20

Known Powers:

Zone Cop Uniform: As a Zone Cop, Zonic wears a uniform that is equipped with the following:
-Body Armor: Ex protection vs. Physical and Energy
-Laser Blaster: Fired from the wrist. Up to In Energy or Force, 10 areas
Helmet: Zonic's Uniform includes a helmet that provides him with the following:
-Body Armor: Ex protection vs. Stuns and Slams
-Visor: In protection vs. Blinding attacks
-Communications: Un ability to communicate with fellow Zone Cops
Control Collar: The Control Collar is a metal ring which clamps around the target's neck and keeps their powers inactive with Un ability.
Spatial Stabilizers: Devices used to keep visitors to their zone from being sideways with Mn ability.

Talents: Martial Arts B, Pilot, Acrobatics, Tumbling, Law Enforcement, Marksmanship

Contacts: Zone Cops, Warden Zobotnik, Sonic the Hedgehog


Though unnoticed by Sonic, Zonic was responsible for numerous examples of crossover, including the Universalamander incident, a few Evil Sonic battles, and the Giant Borg incident. Sonic never noticed Zonic's presence until an encounter with Sally Moon and Dr. Ivanna Robotina, during which Zonic makes his presence known in order to speed up the returning of Robotina to the Luna Zone. Zonic explained that Sonic is called upon often because he is the Prime Zone's Sonic, and is destined to be the champion of all realities.

Following this, Zonic brought Sonic to the No Zone in order to track down numerous thefts of Giant Borg Parts committed by Evil Sonic, under the employ of Robo-Robotnik (though his involvement was unknown by all parties at the time). Evil Sonic accidentally gave the pieces to the wrong Robotnik, leading to a battle with the Sonic Underground version of Dr. Ivo Robotnik, where Sonic was aided by his counterpart in that Zone, and Zonic was aided by that reality's version of Sonia the Hedgehog and Manic the Hedgehog in tracking down and capturing Evil Sonic. Once the latter was captured, Zonic imprisoned him in the No Zone, where he added insult to injury by revealing that the Anti Freedom Fighters had named Evil St. John as their new leader.

Zonic later stopped an assault from Sallactor (another version of Sally Acorn), just in time to recruit Sonic for a battle with giant monster versions of Sally, Bunnie Rabbot, Knuckles the Echidna, Tails, Rotor, and Amy Rose from the Giant Robotno Mobius. After the battle, Sonic demanded to know how Zonic knew that Sonic would win the battle, even if it meant killing a monstrous alternate Zone version of his father. Eventually Zonic decided to finally reveal his face and identity - he himself was an alternate Sonic.

He later rescued Sonic from another Zone where Evil Sonic framed Sonic for the crime of "Extreme Emotional Anguish and Permanent Mental Scarring" (read as insulting someone) in Litigopolis.

One of the many realities Zonic explored was the possible future universe in the year 4236 where the Freedom Fighters of the Galaxy were the primary defenders. Though not interacting with the people of that universe, he watched to see how events progressed.

Some time later, Zonic was attacked by the escaping Evil Sonic. Wounded, he fled to the Prime Zone where he was found by Sonic, Antoine D'Coolette, and Antoine's father Armand D'Coolette. Sonic took Zonic to Dr. Quack for medical attention. Zonic recovered in time to warn Sonic about Evil Sonic, unaware that Sonic was planning to disguise himself as a villain so that Antoine could take him down and impress his father. By the time Zonic and Sonic arrived, Antoine had already taken down Evil Sonic, thinking it had been Sonic pretending to be the evil doppleganger. Zonic returned Evil Sonic to the No Zone.

Much later, Mammoth Mogul attempted to destroy every Zone in existence. Knowing that Mogul only feared Tails, the Chosen One, Zonic recruited Tails' counterparts from all of the Zones(this time equipping them all, and Sonic, with special bracelets that would enable them to be positioned normally in the No Zone). Zonic explained how Mogul got his power, just as Mogul had finished destroying all other Zones save the Prime and No Zones. Zonic's hunch about Tails proved successful as all of the counterparts (plus the original) merged into Titan Tails, stopping Mogul and restoring all of the Zones.

After defeating Scourge the Hedgehog, Sonic brought him to the Cosmic Interstate, hoping to have Zonic provide answers as to why so many alternate-Zone-beings had been allowed in the Prime Zone for so long. They were soon found by Zespio and Zector and brought to the No Zone, which lay mostly in ruin. Scourge escaped and decided to finish the job, but Zonic caught sight of him and ordered the Zone Cops to arrest him. Zonic met up with Sonic and the Zone Cops and they battle Scourge. During the brawl, Zonic revealed that the Zone Cops had been fighting a villain called Dr. Nega who wreaked havoc in No Zone as well as others. To counter this, they shut down the connecting paths between most Zones, only leaving a few open for stability's sake. They quickly captured Scourge thanks to Sonic's skill and Zonic's special Control Collar. Sonic then asked Zonic when he was taking away Eggman, but he revealed that Sonic-Prime has to fight a Robotnik to keep his zone stable, as the original Robotnik's erasure (rather than natural death) had caused an unusual situation. He also mentioned that Scourge, having been mutated, was now a wild card in terms of Zone balance. He then arrested Scourge and ordered his officers to take Sonic home.