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Team Fighters

Following the Roboticization of Sally Acorn, the near-death of Antoine D'Coolette, and the disappearance of Bunnie D'Coolette, the Freedom Fighters were left shattered and beaten. Sonic and Rotor felt that their best option was to separate into two new teams. They brought the idea before the Council of Acorn, and although King Naugus attempted to deny the motion, saying that he alone could protect New Mobotropolis, the Council voted their approval. Sonic was appointed leader of Team Fighters, their mission being to pursue Dr. Eggman and his Death Egg and rescue Mecha Sally. The team consists of Sonic the Hedgehog, Amy Rose, Miles "Tails" Prower, and T-Pup, using the Tornado as transport.

The team followed the Death Egg to Furville to find Dr. Eggman capturing the town's residents with his Egg Swat army. They manage to save the town and its residents, chasing away Mecha Sally and helping the newly-inspired locals to fight off the lingering Egg Swats. While the town folk were helping Team Fighters, the Death Egg made a quick retreat and headed to Lost Temple of Shazamazon. Sonic, however, overheard Mecha Sally confirming these orders and the team quickly left in pursuit.

The team arrived in the Wolf Pack Nation, only to discover that Grand Chief Lupe had been captured and the leaders of the Pack were holding the Felidae responsible. The team set out into the forest along with Leeta and Lyco, and found Queen Hathor fleeing from Grandmaster Razorklaw and the local D.E.L. chapter. The team defeated Razorklaw with ease, and after learning Mecha Sally and Eggman were responsible for kidnapping Lupe, made their way to the Shazamazon Temple to prevent Lupe's Legionization. They arrived at the temple and swiftly took out the guards before Sonic engaged Razorklaw again, Amy and Leeta fought more guards, Hathor and Lyco defeated Grandmaster Drago and rescued Lupe, and finally Tails planted a tracking device on the Death Egg and fought Mecha Sally. The team was forced to flee the temple as the Death Egg made a hasty takeoff, and with Queen Hathor's aid succeeded in mending the fences between the Cats and Wolves and driving off the remaining D.E.L. troops. Following this, Team Fighters departed to chase down the Death Egg.

Sonic the Hedgehog
Amy Rose

The Tornado