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Sojourner the Echidna

F) Rm30
A) Rm30
S) Rm30
E) In40
R) Rm30
I) Rm30
P) In40

Health: 130 Karma: 100
Resources: Ty Pop: 15

Known Powers:
Dreadlocks: Allows Spectre to glide through the air with Gd ability
Recovery: Am
Regeneration: Rm
Chaos Force: Mn ability to manipulate Chaos Energy, allowing him to perform the following power stunts:
-Teleportation: Am
-Enhanced Senses: Rm Hearing and Sight
-Telekinesis: Am
-Danger Sense: Am
-Chaos Blast: Am Energy, 10 areas
-Fog Generation: Rm intensity in his same area


Talents: Occult Background and Lore, Survival, Am knowledge about Angel Island and how it works

Contacts: The Brotherhood of Guardians, Archimedes