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Sojourner the Echidna

F) In40
A) Rm30
S) Rm30
E) In40
R) Ex20
I) Ex20
P) Rm30

Health: 140 Karma: 70
Resources: Ty Pop: 15

Known Powers:
Dreadlocks: Allows Sojourner to glide through the air with Gd ability
Recovery: Am
Regeneration: Rm
Chaos Force: Am ability to manipulate Chaos Energy, allowing him to perform the following power stunts:
-Telekinesis: Am
-Danger Sense: Am
-Chaos Blast: In Energy, 10 areas

Knuckle Claws: Am material, May cause up to Am Blunt or Edge, has the following power stunts:
-Wall-Crawling: Rm
-Digging: Ex

Talents: Martial Arts A, B, C, E, Survival, Am knowledge about Angel Island and how it works

Contacts: The Brotherhood of Guardians, Archimedes


Like his son Thunderhawk, little is known about Sojourner's tenure as Guardian of the Floating Island. During the Great War, Queen Alicia Acorn and her infant son Elias were sent to Angel Island to avoid being captured by the invading Overlander hordes. As their ship approached the island however it was shot down by aerial Overlander ships. After it crashed, the Brotherhood arrived on the scene first. Sojourner discovered amongst the wreckage the baby Elias. Sabre, who was in charge of the mission, told the arriving Overlanders everyone had died in the crash. Following the Overlander withdrawal from the island, the Brotherhood took Alicia and Elias to the safety of Haven where the dying queen was put into cryo sleep. When the issue came up over whether to inform King Max of his wife and son's survival, Sojourner decided it was best to keep it a secret for the time being, stating "If the Overlanders discover we withheld the facts from them, that will force their hand into taking action -- upon which we would be forced into taking action, and getting dragged into a war we have no interest in whatsoever". Thus, for the next several years, the Brotherhood raised Elias, with Sojourner teaching him and acting as a father figure. When Elias was old enough, the Brotherhood left him in the care of Colonel Sommersby at the Royal Compound.

As the Brotherhood expanded their efforts to maintain order to the rest of Mobius, Sojourner was responsible for watching over a specific region. When the Brotherhood discussed the carnage around Mobius following Sonic the Hedgehog's chase of Ixis Naugus, Sojourner was about to mention the area he was watching over before being interrupted by Sabre.

When Knuckles wound up in Haven, Sabre diagreed with Thunderhawk that Knuckles was too undiciplined to be in Haven, and that the Brotherhood's methods may not have been right all this time. Sojourner quickly debated this, stating "You would question our customs and traditions, Sabre? Our system has work for over four centuries! We should send the lad back, before he comes to his senses!". Spectre then stated fate had taken its course, and they should allow Knuckles to remain in Haven. Shortly afterwards when Elias Acorn arrive in Haven with the Royal Secret Service, Sojourner explained to Elias that Thunderhawk wasn't present because he was checking up on Hawking's health.

The following day when Benedict was presenting his speech, Sojourner pointed out that the Brotherhood were hypocrites for using technology. Sabre pointed out their use of technology was to give them an even playing field with the Dark Legion, and that their forefathers never meant to suppress technology forever. Sorjourner quickly retorted "Says who? Where's your proof?" at which point Thunderhawk attempted to break up the debate. Seconds later, Dark Legion troops broke into the room and tranquilized the three Guardians. When they awoke and Thunderhawk asked how the Dark Legion penetrated Haven, Sojourner answered "Isn't it obvious, Thunderhawk? Only one being other than our own could have done so!" implying it was Moritori Rex, who had been impersonating the Guardian Tobor for years and was only exposed days earlier by Knuckles. Eventually, the three were rescued by Locke and Spectre.

Following the return of Mathias, Sojourner participated on the Brotherhood attack on the Grand Conservatory to put an end to the Dark Legion's attempted takeover of the Floating Island. However, he along with the other Brotherhood members were caught in a trap and banished to an alternate zone when the Dark Legion Battle Cruiser fired the Quantum Beam.

Sojourner and the rest of the Brotherhood were returned to Mobius Prime when Chaos Knuckles undid the effects of the Quantum Beam. When the Brotherhood rummaged through the ruins of Haven, Sojourner stated believed there to be no evidence as to who was behind its destruction. His son Thunderhawk soon pointed out it was obviously the Dark Legion.

During Sonic's year long absence, the Eggman Empire launched a full-scale offensive against Angel Island with assistance from the Dingoes, who allied with Eggman in exchange for technological and military assistance. During their invasion, the Sojourner along with the rest of the Brotherhood defended the Master Emerald from being captured. The battle drained them of most of their energy, and they were believed to have been killed in the fight.

Having been badly weakened from their battle with Eggman's forces, Dr. Finitevus had no problems holding the Brotherhood captive. From there, Finitevus performed numerous studies on each member of the Brotherhood in order to understand their relationship with Chaos energies. Once he felt he learned all he could, Finitevus dumped the Brotherhood and Moritori Rex into the Twilight Zone, leaving them for death.