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Sandopolis Oasis

When the Enerjak attacked the assembled Dingo Army at their city of Cavem Canus; proceeding to strip the Dingoes of their weapons, technology and pride; and then tossing them out into the Sandopolis Zone. Von Stryker quickly took back control and helped rally the Dingoes under his leadership once again. Von Stryker led his people to do well and prosper in the harsh environment they were in, becoming strong and self-sufficient once again. Stryker also took Catweazle as his advisor, and eventually regained his former arrogant opinions of Echidnas. Knuckles paid Von Stryker a visit in his command tent, at which point the General quickly pointed out the success of the Dingoes in the Sandopolis Zone.

Helmut Von Stryker
Dingo Soldiers
Sand Worms