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The Sand-Blasters

The Sand Blasters were a Freedom Fighter group from Sand Blast City led by Jack Rabbit. While originally those who managed to escape capture and roboticization in Sand Blast City remained in hiding, the defeat of Dr. Ivo Robotnik by Sonic the Hedgehog gave them the confidence to rally together and retake their city. The Sand-Blasters are modeled after Knothole Freedom Fighters but also use tanks and other military equipment. While the Sand-Blasters did succeed in expelling the Robians from their city, they also tended to use questionable methods to get what they wanted, such as when they captured Sonic the Hedgehog, Miles "Tails" Prower and Bunnie Rabbot to fight for them.

The Sand-Blasters attempted to hold Sonic and Tails captive in their city behind a force field so that they would always be protected from outside forces. Their efforts failed however when Sonic destroyed the shield generator to their city and escaped, causing the Sand-Blasters to once again defend their city from the attacking Robian hordes, swearing revenge on Sonic and his friends.

Some time later they captured Bunnie Rabbot and used the reprogrammed Robians to attack her, though they had originally planned to use them to attack Sonic. However, Bunnie fought off the Robians and escaped, leaving the Sand Blasters to be chased by the Robians.

By 3237, the Robians had all been restored to normal; they tried to temporarily settle in Sand Blast City, but eventually they turned to Dr. Eggman, becoming a new chapter of the Dark Egg Legion. According to Jack, this was despite the Sand Blasters taking them in; however, the Legion's Grandmaster, Beauregard Rabbot, claimed that the Sand Blasters abused the former Robians, forcing them to go to Eggman for help. The Sand Blasters found themselves fighting this new Legion, mostly over control of the nearby Oil Ocean Refinery. The Sand Blasters once again had the city's shield up and running, in addition to newly-created EMP beacons designed by Avery to disable any Legionnaires who wandered too close. They eventually sent out a call for help which, to Jack's displeasure, caused Sonic and Bunnie to be dispatched to the region. When it seemed Bunnie had been captured by the Legion, Jack managed to get Sonic to agree to work with his team in order to finally defeat the Legion and take over the refinery; Sonic only agreed with the promise that they would rescue Bunnie.

Jack Rabbit

Shift E. Wolf