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The Royal Army

The Acorn Kingdom Army is the collective military forces of the Kingdom of Acorn, dedicated to protecting it, it's citizens and its royal family from external or internal threats. It is unknown what size it is, but due to the sheer number of groups it is related to, it is assumed to number thousands of troops.

The "Mes Braves" Battalion was the Acorn Kingdom Army garrison posted at Fort Acorn at the border of Robotropolis for the purpose of keeping the protective shield around the city from releasing its harmful radioactive waste upon the land. The Mes Braves battalion heeded the call of duty from General Armand D'Coolette, there commanding officer and the one who coined their name for them, to fight the alien Xorda. They later returned to their position at the Fort and, reinforced by the Chaotix and G.U.N. commandos, they successfully defended the Fort and city from Dr. Eggman's attack force.

Amadeus Prower

Antoine D'Coolette
Geoffrey St. John

Other Members:
Sir Charles Hedgehog
Hershey St. John
Typical Royal Soldier
Typical Royal Guard

Former Members:
Lieutenant Fleming
Colonel Sommersby
Jules Hedgehog
Bernadette Hedgehog
Wombat Stu
Valdez the Chameleon
Heavy and Bomb