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Rosemary Prower

Rosemary Prower

F) Ty6
A) Ty6
S) Ty6
E) Gd10
R) Ex20
I) Gd10
P) Ex20

Health: 28 Karma: 50
Resources: Ex Pop: 10

Known Powers:


Talents: Writing, Politics

Contacts: Amadeus Prower, Miles "Tails" Prower, Council of Acorn


Shortly after the Great War, Rosemary met and befriended Amadeus and his wizard brother Merlin. Eventually, she married the former and soon fell pregnant with their child. Both were jubilant with the prospect of becoming parents, and as such she did not want Amadeus to go on duty while she was on the verge of giving birth, wanting him to be present when their child was born. Amadeus's duty's as Commander of the Royal Guard and Second-In-Command of the Army, however, demanded he be present in the dismantling of the War Ministry. It was here Amadeus discovered Robotnik's insane plans to lead a coup against King Maximillian Acorn, though was roboticized trying to stop him. At the same time Amadeus was captured by the newly-created SWATbot, Rosemary went into labor. She was hurried to the hospital by Princess Sally Acorn and Sonic the Hedgehog, and Dr. Quack delivered her child, a son, safely.

Robotnik, Snively Kintobor and Amadeus then arrived, with the latter carefully-disguised to avoid showing his true nature to all present in Rosemary's hospital room. Rosemary offered Amadeus the baby to hold, though he merely turned his back and left the room, rejecting the baby altogether (this was because Amadeus was now a life-less automaton stripped of all emotion). Rosemary, heartbroken at this, cried herself to sleep, ignoring her friend's efforts to console her.

Shortly afterwards, Robotnik launched his coup, and soon the Kingdom was in danger of being overtaken by his robotic hordes. Upon entrusting her son, now named Miles, to the care of Rosie and Julayla, Rosemary went out into Mobotropolis, desperately trying to find her husband. During the ensuing chaos caused by Robotnik's invading armies, Rosemary and thousands of others were captured and she was personally brought before Robotnik, and was horrified at the sight of what her husband had become. Before she herself could be roboticized, Rosemary and Amadeus were teleported up to a Bem science cruiser under the command of Ceneca-9009, who restored Amadeus to normal.

Resolving to rectify the situation on Mobius, Rosemary, her husband and Ceneca-9009 journied to the Bem homeworld of Argentium, where they pleaded before the Bem High Council for action to be taken against Robotnik. Not only was the plea denied, but Ceneca-9009 was imprisoned for using the outlawed De-Roboticizer technology. Rosemary and Amadeus, however, were technically guests on the planet, and as such enjoyed a normal life, yet never stopped wishing to return to Mobius (a planet decreed off-limits when the Xorda declared war on it's inhabitants) and see their son again.

During Ceneca-9009's trial (as a result of journying back to Mobius and de-roboticizing it's entire Robian population defying orders to the contrary following her release from prison), Rosemary and Amadeus saw Sonic, who they recognized as Jules Hedgehog and Bernadette Hedgehog's son, stand before the Council and justify Ceneca-9009's actions. Having always believed Tails' parents deceased (along with Tails himself), Sonic was beside himself with joy upon finding them. After the trial, where Ceneca-9009 was found guilty and sentenced to death, Sonic brought the couple up to speed on current events on Mobius, most notably the fact that Tails was just a big a hero as he was, though they found Sonic's ship, which they intended to take through Argentium's orbiting wormhole generator to reach Mobius, had been dis-assembled on the Council's orders to prevent exactly that. Later, when Ceneca-10025 offered to arrange their departure, Sonic broke Ceneca-9009 out of prison, and planned to escape in a spacecraft procured by Ceneca-10025. Unfortunately, the craft arranged proved only to be a one-seater, and, with the alarm raised, there was no time to arrange another. While Ceneca-9009 declined to use it to fool the authorities into believing she had escaped the planet, Rosemary also stayed, not wanting to be separated from her husband, who said the same. Before Sonic departed, she and Amadeus gave Sonic a package they instructed to give to Tails.

Upon Sonic's return, he revealed to Tails of his parent's continued existance on Argentium, leaving him beside himself with joy, and gave him the package. The package contained a customized watch, which contained a holographic message from Rosemary and Amadeus to Tails, expressing the love they had for him.

When the Xorda and Black Arms fleets met in orbit of Argentium, they began a pitched space battle that caught the planet in the crossfire. Argentium was laid to waste by the battling space fleets, reducing the Bem civilization to ruins, with Rosemary and Amadeus narrowly surviving the devastation and living in the ruins, barely surviving. Months later, salvation came when Merlin, with the aid of Sonic, Knuckles the Echidna and Tails himself arrived to rescue them. For the first time, the Prower family was reunited, and while the reunion was somewhat awkward at first (Rosemary desperately clinging to Amadeus for support), Rosemary ended being the first to embrace their son; remarking how big and handsome he had become. All present departed Argentium for Mobius, and Rosemary swore never to leave Tails behind again.

Upon their return, Rosemary and the others came to live in Knothole, their broken family healing, with Amadeus taking his place as head of the Army (following Armand D'Coolette's assassination by Patch) and Rosemary herself became a popular writer and reformist activist.

When Knothole was destroyed in an assault by the Egg Fleet, Rosemary and the rest of the population were captured, though later freed by Sonic and his remaining comrades. Rosemary almost died in the fall upon release from the Egg Grape Chambers, though Amadeus caught her. Shortly afterwards, Rosemary was sent, along with everyone else, to New Mobotropolis. It was here, now that the population was secure from external threats, that Amadeus, having begun to see the House of Acorn as failing to measure up to the Knothole Freedom Fighters (in terms of accomplishments and progress) in their war against the Eggman Empire, decided that the time for change was at hand, with Rosemary deciding to aid his efforts in reforming their Kingdom's leadership. Merlin cautioned otherwise, though Rosemary attempted to assure her brother-in-law that Amadeus wouldn't lead them astray, which Tails agreed with as well.

Amadeus began his revolution with a protest at the New Mobotropolis Civil Center, reading from a powerful and convincing speech written by Rosemary, allowing the Prowers to gain the support of half the population. When this landed Amadeus in prison, Rosemary and Tails later broke into the prison that evening, and succeeded in liberating him, but not before NICOLE alerted Sonic to the breakout. Rosemary's attempts to convince him to let them go failed, but Sonic's selfish responses motivated Tails, who had recently began to rebel against his usual side-kick nature, to attack Sonic. While Tails demanded that his parents leave to deal with King Elias while he kept Sonic pinned down, Rosemary refused, remembering her previous vow of not abandoning Tails, but Amadeus forced her to run.

Upon arriving at Castle Acorn, Amadeus and Elias duelled, with Rosemary watching from the sidelines, but fortunately for both parties, Princess Sally Acorn intervened at the last moment, bringing the group to their senses and helping them resolve the conflict and work out a peaceful new system of government involving a ruling council made up of six elected representatives and the current monarch serving as a seventh, calling themselves the Council of Acorn, and the Kingdom reformed into the Republic of Acorn. Amadeus declined running, while Rosemary entered into the race for a position on the council, and won.

The assembled council members did their best to aid separate groups during the crisis when the re-birth of the super-powered Echidna villain Enerjak. Unfortunately, their proceedings went against those of the Chaotix, who sought to go to Angel Island to find their leader; Knuckles, now missing, while the Council wished them and the Freedom Fighters to stay in the city, insisting that too little knowledge could lead to horrible developments. They were able to rectify the problem when, upon appointing Sally as Field Leader of the Freedom Fighters, allowed Sonic and Tails to go to Angel Island to find Knuckles, with Tails gaining his mother's approval. Rosemary, the council, and the royal family were secured in the city's bunkers when Enerjak arrived at the city's gates, while the Freedom Fighters and Chaotix assembled to fight him off.

Following the Suppression Squad's invasion of Freedom HQ, Rosemary was one of the members who voted against the Freedom Fighters and Chaotix from taking action, instead putting an emphasis on continuing the invasion of New Megaopolis. After discovering both Sonic and Sally went against the council's wishes, Rosemary and the rest of the council opted to punish Sonic and charge Sally with treason. During Sally's hearing, Rosemary attempted to link Elias' knowledge of Sally's plan to send Sonic to Moebius to a larger "Royal Conspirary".