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F) Rm30
A) Ex20
S) Gd10
E) Rm30
R) Gd10
I) Ex20
P) Rm30

Health: 90 Karma: 60
Resources: Ty Pop: 10

Known Powers:
Cybernetic Claw: Remington's main weapon was his left arm, with a three clawed hand on the end. It gives him the following abilities:
-Grappling: Remington can grapple with Rm Strength
Cybernetic Eye: Remington's right eye was replaced with a cybernetic eye. It gives him the following:
-Infrared Vision: In


Talents: Law Enforcement, Martial Ats B, Guns, Tumbling

Contacts: The Dark Legion


Once the Chief Constable of the Echidna Security Team (EST), Remington was just below Knuckles in maintaining law on Angel Island. Remington was the one Knuckles frequently turns to when his usual methods fail to work, and Remington's underworld resources have been helpful in the past. Because of his position, Remington often found himself pitted against the Dark Legion, to whom he has a secretive connection. Unbeknownst to him, at least initially, Remington is in fact the son of the late Grand Master Kragok, who apparently sent him to Echidnaopolis out of mistrust for his sister, Lien-Da, showing the only real kindness Kragok has ever had towards his family. Technically, this blood connection also makes him a distant relative of Knuckles and the Brotherhood of Guardians, as well as the nephew of Lien-Da and Julie-Su and the great-great-great grandson of Dimitri.

Remington first appeared after Dr. Robotnik's Ultimate Annihilator erased the barriers between Zones, bringing Echidnaopolis back to Angel Island. Together with Knuckles and Guardian Hawking, he worked to control the populace in this tumultous situation as well as to handle the antagonism of the Dingoes. He also worked together with Knuckles and the Chaotix to deal with a number of threats, including a handful of minor criminals and, ironically, the Dark Legion. One particular instance found him a captive of the Dark Legion android Benedict, who tried to blackmail Remington into supporting the Legion's takeover of the Echidnaopolis government. Needless to say, Remington refused. The Constable and his aunt were also the first to learn of Knuckles' death at the hands of Mammoth Mogul's Chaos Siphon.

Perhaps as a result of examining Knuckles immediately after the Guardian's passing, Remington was unwilling to believe that Knuckles had come back from the dead, and ordered his team to exhume the Guardian's grave, which was found to be empty. When the Robotnik, backed Dingoes took control of Angel Island, Remington was imprisoned until he and others were liberated by Sonic, Knuckles and the Chaotix and brought to the safety of the Dark Legion base. During Hunter's subsequent attack on the Legion to steal the Master Emerald for Robotnik, Remington attempted to hold him off, only to be seemingly vaporised by the Overlander's Chaos Spear. In truth, he and Hunter's other victims had in fact been teleported via Chaos Control to Robotnik's Egg Grape Chamber, where their life energies were slowly leeched to power the scientist's weapons. When the Egg Grapes were disrupted and all the people within were drawn into the Zone of Silence, however, Remington was not among those lost.

Freed from the Egg Grapes by Dr. Finitevus, who had plans to use Remington as the basis for a new Enerjak, and learning of and embracing his Dark Legion heritage, Remington, most of his memories apparently erased by the effects of the Chamber, took over Grand Mastership of the Frost Legion in the civil war. In this guise, Remington wears an identical black cloak and has the same design of bionic arm as his late father, though his right eye is the one that was replaced by a similar implant, rather than the left like Kragok's. While he and Lien-Da clashed for some time, they put aside their feud in order to deal with a more urgent threat: that of Dr. Finitevus' plan to restore Enerjak. In reality, Finitevus had falsely promised both Grand Masters a share of the Emerald's power, but pulled the ultimate double-cross by allowing Knuckles to absorb it's power and transform himself into the new Enerjak. Remington then led his forces in a desperate attack in hopes of overcoming this menace, but Enerjak proved too strong. Far from being the monstrous villain he once was, though, Enerjak restored Remington's normal body and his memories, doing the same to the rest of the Dark Legion and transporting them-with the exception of Lien-Da and a few others-to Albion. Remington became the leader of the new community that began to rebuild there, and even found a disk detailing Dr. Finitevus' origins and the fate of the original inhabitants of Albion.