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Antoine D'Coolette

F) Ex20
A) Gd10
S) Gd10
E) In40
R) Gd10
I) Gd10
P) Rm30

Health: 80 Karma: 50
Resources: Ex Pop: 10

Known Powers:

Sword: In material, Rm Edge

Talents: Swordsman, Military, Bi-Lingual: (English, French), Pilot, Crime

Contacts: Suppression Squad, Princess Alicia


Originally known only as Anti-Antoine, "Patch" takes his name from the eyepatch he wears. Despite this, Patch has full use of both eyes, both of which are the real McCoy the eyepatch is to attract the ladies (something Evil Sonic chastizes him for). Patch, like the other Anti-Freedom Fighters, joined forces with Evil Sonic to cause trouble on Mobius. He was defeated by his counterpart, and sent back home.

It was later revealed that, for at least two years, Antoine D'Coolette had been replaced by his counterpart from the Anti-Mobius zone due to the actions of Evil Sonic. It is not known exactly when the change occurred, but it is known to have happened after Evil Sonic escaped Zonic for the first time (when Antoine did not recognize him) but before Sonic returned from his interstellar journey (when Sonic noticed the change of demeanor and scar, but chalked it up to his long absence from Mobius). In the Anti-Mobius zone, Patch attempted to get rid of his greatest enemy, Evil Sonic, by using a zone transport device created by Evil Rotor to send Evil Sonic to the prime zone. However, Evil Sonic defeated Patch in the ensuing fisticuffs, and switched Patch with the prime-zone Antoine. Thus, Evil Sonic got rid of his most frequent usurper, while making nobody suspicious in either zone.

Patch had many of the traits that Antoine did, but in a twisted, evil way; where his prime-zone counterpart was vain and cowardly, "Patch" was narcissistic and craven. He was able to cover his actual demeanor, and successfully act as if he were the actual Antoine, due to selfless actions performed after he crossed over. However, one notable change has been made by Patch: "Antoine"'s breakup with Bunnie Rabbot. The evil Antoine was not in love with Bunnie Rabbot, and after the transfer, broke up with her. This has resulted in a large change in Bunnie's personality.

Meanwhile, the 'real' Antoine was trapped in Anti-Mobius. He imitated Patch, knowing that if he was discovered, the "Anti-Freedom Fighters" would likely turn on him. He also met Bunnie's evil counterpart, Anti-Bunnie, but there was no suggestion of what kind of relationship they had, if any.

Anti-Antoine later reveals that he was biding his time, and has unleashed a plot to usurp King Acorn and take over his kingdom. He poisons the king, who then tells Princess Sally that she must ascend to the throne; but the kingdom needs a King and Queen, so Patch sets himself up as a suitor when King Acorn arranges Sally's marriage. His plan goes well, and despite Sonic's interference, Sally accepts her marriage to Patch. The last thing that stands in his way is the comatose king, but when he goes to finish him off with a lethal injection, Prince Elias returns to the castle to declare his right as heir to the throne. Patch immediately works on a plan to oust King Elias, and intends to poison him with the needle he was about to use on King Max; Sonic spots the needle, and thwarts the assassination. At first, Patch accuses Sonic of trying to murder him with the poison; but Sonic, after a previous altercation with the Anti-Freedom Fighters and the real Antoine, deduces the true deception. After defeating Patch, Sonic returns Patch to his dimension and gets the real Antoine back, who promptly proceeds to rekindle his relationship with Bunnie. Their feelings for each other, if anything deepened by their separation, soon led to their engagement.

It was subsequently revealed that Patch also used the poison on Antoine's father, General D'Coolette, but with a higher dosage than that of King Acorn. When Antoine and Bunnie went to see him, he died, making Patch the first and so far only member of the Anti-Freedom Fighters to actually kill somebody.

He would appear again back in his home dimension, preparing for an invasion of the Prime dimension under "king" Scourge's command, preventing Sally from getting into an altercation with Fiona Fox when the two girls exchange heated words. During the invasion, his arrogance nearly costs him dearly, as he finds himself being ambushed by Amy Rose, who proceeds to chase after him while wielding her piko-piko hammer.