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F) Ex20
A) Rm30
S) Ex20
E) In40
R) Ty6
I) Ty6
P) Ty6

Health: 110 Karma: 18
Resources: Ty Pop: -10

Known Powers:
Robotic Construct: Orbinaut is a Badnik, a robot created by Dr. Robotnik. Its very body gives him the following abilities:
-Body Armor: Ex protection vs. Physical and Energy
-Immune to Disease and Toxins: CL1000
-Self-Sustenance: Doesn't need to eat, sleep or breathe
-Levitation: Ex

Spiked Balls: In material, Rm Thrown Edge

Talents: Thrown Weapons

Contacts: Badniks, Dr. Robotnik


Orbinaut first appeared at the Casino Night Zone. Robotnik unveiled it and immediately tested it by having it slam Sonic the Hedgehog with a spiked ball. When Sonic recovered, he used his spin attack to deflect two more spiked balls, sending them back. He would have several appearances shortly thereafter. When Tails was spotted near a company picnic, Orbinaut and Buzzbomber attached, only for Tails to send a spiked ball back at Orbinaut. He also saw Robotnik show fear regarding a robot dentist.

Oddly enough, he was still around by the time Mecha Madness had backfired, informing Robotnik that Sonic was spotted in the badlands. He was also seen at Rusty's, where he and several others fought Sonic and Bunnie Rabbot.

When Sonic headed for Island of Misfit Badniks, he walked into a brawl with many badniks, Orbinaut among them. Orbinaut had the unenvious task of being a referee in a "Bighorn Challenge" between Sonic and Pseudo Sonic, which sank the island. Their plan for revenge, enlarging Pseudo Sonic, was waylaid by the Forty Fathom Freedom Fighters. Orbinaut saw them interfering, and took on P.B. Jellyfish, and lost. Big Fluke smashed the badniks, the island, and the big Pseudo Sonic.