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Mobius is the homeworld of the Mobians, Overlanders and humans. Recently it was discovered that Mobius is actually a future version of Earth (in an alternate dimension). According to this universe's timeline, Earth's year would be approximately 14,016 CE, with Mobius' calendar year at mid-late 3237. It is still unknown exactly what was the starting point for their calendar, but its was likely calculated using what the Echidna Tomes call the Days of Fury. Mobius has endured many conflicts, including the Great War, the war against Dr. Ivo Robotnik and subsequent war with Dr. Eggman, and a failed attack by the Xorda. Much of it remains under the control of the Eggman Empire, though some sections of it remain free from its tyrrany.

Angel Island
Devil's Gulag
Flickie Island
Southern Tundra
Walrus Island
Cocoa Island

Mobian Cities and Territories:
New Mobotropolis
Freedom HQ
Dragon Kingdom
Feral Forest
Kingdom of Leonus
Knothole Village
The Kingdom of Mercia
Pais Misterioso
Nerb Kingdom
Sand Blast City
Western Continent Village

Overlander Cities and Territories:
New Megaopolis
Station Square

The Badlands
Land of a Million Lights
Lethal Radioactive Zone
Mobian Ocean