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Maxx Acorn

Maxx Acorn

F) Ex20
A) Ty6
S) Gd10
E) Gd10
R) Ex20
I) Ex20
P) In40

Health: 46 Karma: 80
Resources: Rm Pop: -20

Known Powers:


Talents: Leadership, Crime

Contacts: Jeffrey St. Croix


King Maxx is the Moebius version of Maximillian Acorn. He was formerly the ruler of Moebius, until he was dethrowned by his daughter Anti-Sally and her then boyfriend Anti-Sonic. He was then exiled to the Moebius version of the Zone of Silence. However unlike his Mobius counterpart, who became a servant in order to survive, King Maxx not only survived, but became the ruler of the Zone of Silence. Eventually however, his rule became a threat to other Zones, so the Zone Cops arrested him and threw him into Zone Jail. But once again, King Maxx thrived by forcing the moebians in the jail to serve him.

Some time later when Scourge was put in Zone Jail, Maxx made a deal with him: if Scourge did not challenge Maxx's rule, he (Scourge) would live. However, Maxx believed Scourge to have violated this deal when the Destructix came to assist Scourge, and had his cronies bring the green hedgehog to Maxx's furnished cell. While at first Maxx spoke kindly to the hedgehog, even complimenting his style of renaming Moebians so that they would not be in Mobius' shadow, the former king's attitude soon became threatening as he ordered his suboordinates to kill Scourge, though he wanted them "leave enough for him to be identified". However, the Destructix came to Scourge's rescue and dealt with Maxx's minions. When Fiona told Maxx that Scourge "belonged to them" and wasn't to be touched, he retorted by telling her they had just signed their death warrants, which the fox scoffed at.