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F) Ex20
A) Rm30
S) Gd10
E) In40
R) Gd10
I) Gd10
P) Ex20

Health: 100 Karma: 40
Resources: Pr Pop: 0

Known Powers:
Enhanced Senses: In Smelling and Hearing
Tracking: Am


Talents: Survival, Tracking, Martial Arts A, B, Acrobatics, Tumbling

Contacts: Wolf Pack


Like many of the wolves, Leeta and her sister Lyco were separated from their people during the First Robotnik War, but in its aftermath the two found and joined up with Lupe and her Wolf Pack Freedom Fighters. Thus they were with the group when it began the journey home. With the others, they crossed a raging river and took shelter in an abandoned city for several days while a severe storm passed. There, the pack took in two Overlander children before continuing on. When the pack finally found their city, they found it in ruin and seemingly abandoned, only for them to fall prey to a gas attack. Knocked unconscious, they awoke as prisoners of the roboticized Sir Charles Hedgehog, who in turn forced Lupe to submit to roboticization. However, the Robian Lupe retained enough free will to allow the rest of the pack a chance to escape.

Leeta and the others eventually made their way back to Knothole where they were reunited with Lupe and her family, who, while still Robians, had regained their free will. When the Robians were restored by the Bem's mass deroboticization, the pack resumed its travels. While in the woods they were nearly consumed by the nanites spread by A.D.A.M. but managed to escape.

The scattered wolves were eventually resettled in the southern hemisphere, forming the new Wolf Pack Nation. Leeta was among those to greet Sally Acorn and Sonic the Hedgehog when they arrived in the nation, forgiving the latter when he mistook her for her twin sister. Both sisters later joined a war party led by Lupe into the territory of the Felidae, whom the Wolves believed had stolen their sacred Ancient Onyx. After Sonic managed to defuse the tension, he led his allies and the Felidae to the Mystic Ruins, where the Wolves were quick to attack the Dark Egg Legion chapter they found there. Leeta was then shocked to discover that several Wolves were members of the group, including an ex-boyfriend of hers who mistook Lyco for her and had apparently had relationships with both. Following the Legion's defeat and a peaceful settlement between the two sides, Leeta welcomed Sonic, Sally, and their surprise Felidae ally Big the Cat into the Wolf Pack.

When the roboticized Princess Sally kidnapped both Lupe and Queen Hathor, tension between the Wolves and the Felidae rose anew. Team Freedom arrived to warn the locals of the Death Egg Mark 2, only to find Leeta and her sister, along with Lupe's children, secretly attempting to listen in on a meeting between the pack leaders who blamed the Felidae for Lupe's disappearance. After being informed of Sally's roboticization and the Death Egg's arrival, the group concluded that they would have to seek answers on their own. Leeta and Lyco agreed to lead Team Fighters to the local DEL's current base of operations -- the Temple of Shazamazon. However, while making their way through the Great Rainforest, they came across not only Legionnaires, but Queen Hathor. After fighting off the DEL, the group listened as Hathor explained that she and Lupe had both been held captive at the Temple, but Lupe had enabled Hathor to escape in order to try to find help.

Upon arriving at the temple, the group broke into two: Leeta, Amy Rose and Sonic stayed outside to keep the Legionnaires occupied while the others entered the temple to rescue Lupe. Leeta and Amy combated the DEL, Leeta unable to believe that so many Wolves had betrayed their packs to join the Eggman Empire. The second team succeeded in rescuing Lupe just before the Death Egg launched, and Hathor managed to rally the remaining Wolves and Felidae to fight off the Legion while they escaped back to their respective territories. With the Grand Chief and Queen safe and the Death Egg on the move, Team Fighters quickly left -- leaving Leeta and Lyco to envy them having the ability to fight the Eggman Empire to make a difference to the world. Hearing this, Lupe explained that just before she'd been abducted, she'd received a particular request, and wanted to know if the twins would be interested in a secret mission.

Leeta as The Queen of Diamonds