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Larry Lynx

Larry Lynx

F) Gd10
A) Gd10
S) Gd10
E) Ex20
R) Gd10
I) Gd10
P) Gd10

Health: 50 Karma: 30
Resources: Gd Pop: 0

Known Powers:
Luck Manipulation: Larry subconsciously causes a probability alteration field around him at Am intensity, causing bad luck to befall any who attack him usually in spectacular ways: Blasters explode, attacker falls and breaks a leg, etc.

Stealth Suit: As a member of the Secret Freedom Fighters, Larry Lynx was given a Stealth Suit that provides him with the following:
-Body Armor: Gd protection vs. Physical and Energy
-Stealth: +1cs to Stealth in darkness
-Claws: In material, Ex Edge

Talents: None

Contacts: Secret Freedom Fighters


Sonic the Hedgehog first met Larry while rescuing animals in the Great Forest from SWATbots, and found the lynx up a tree by himself. Though Larry tried to get Sonic to leave him alone, his bad luck took effect and caused the branch they were on to break and crash on top of the Knothole Freedom Fighters below. The resulting injuries dissuaded all but Sonic to have anything to do with Larry, and the hedgehog tried to help him give up the idea of having bad luck to no avail and to his own chagrin. Eventually they found the other Freedom Fighters had been captured, but Sonic was then able to turn the situation around by using Larry as a "good" luck charm against the SWATbots, destroying them, and then also causing Dr. Robotnik's all-terrain-vehicle to crash. This changed the Freedom Fighters' view of Larry greatly, and they gratefully brought him back to Knothole Village.

Larry returned when the Freedom Fighters were captured during a mission that involved a video game system from the real world that somehow interfaced with Mobius Prime. While Sonic was off in another universe fighting Dr. Ivo Robotnik, Larry desperately gathered Sally's former trainees and Cyril, and launched a daring raid on Robotropolis that allowed them to rescue a captive Princess Sally and the other Knothole Freedom Fighters, with Larry using his bad luck to cause the Swatbots to destroy each other yet again with their own laser fire. After the mission, the Substitute Freedom Fighters were declared an official group and Larry was made their leader.

Not all of his missions were so successful, though, as during Sonic's time in space Larry's bad luck would do as much damage to allies as it did to enemies, and sometimes even himself. On at least one occasion, Larry was hit by non-lethal friendly fire from weapons designed by Rotor Walrus when the targeting system suddenly malfunctioned. Larry's injuries however, led the Walrus to determine that he would never again construct gun-like weapons, a commitment that he took quite seriously. Eventually the Substitute Legion fell apart altogether from a lack of active field duty, and Larry was left without a role.

Though he had no goals now, Larry still stayed in Knothole and later attended Antoine D'Coolette and Bunnie Rabbot's wedding. From this, it is presumed he was captured along with the vast majority of the Kingdom of Knothole's citizens during the Destruction of Knothole and subsequent rescue by Sonic and others. However, with the Substitute Freedom Fighters disbanded, Larry's life had fallen into a depressing spin. Hoping to find some purpose, he tried to run for public office in New Mobotropolis, only for his ballot box to spontaneously combust.

Directionless and with his past heroism forgotten by almost everyone, a depressed Larry sat moping on a stump one day, when he suddenly fell through it. As his luck would have it, he landed in Secret HQ, the stump turning out to be its hidden entrance. There, he met Harvey Who, who suprised Larry not only by recalling his role in the Substitute Legion, but by also inviting him to use his "talents" to make the Republic of Acorn safe again. While eager, Larry had doubts since few people would just trust him like that, but the Director assured him it would be their "secret".

Now having officially joined the Secret Freedom Fighters, Larry was given the call sign "Joker" to maintain anonymity. He helps Leeta with the extraction of Elias from Feral Forest, but gets caught sneaking out of his hut by Tails. Elias manages to convince Tails to forget about them, and they head back to New Mobotropolis where the Death Egg has already arrived. Once the full team was organised, their first mission would be to repel Dr. Eggman's ground troops and the Metal Series from the invasion of New Mobotropolis. Larry from the shadows managed to channel his powers and caused two of the robots to have misfire and a gun jam, causing them to explode. He was put on a mission with Silver and Shard to track Geoffrey St. John to the Windy Valley in Soumerca, where his bad luck caused him to fall down the pit-like entrance to the tomb of Ixis Vale. Luckily, Shard saved him before he hit the bottom, and Silver wondered the wisdom in having Larry along on a covert assignment. He later set off another trap, but also caused it to malfunction; however, the noise alerted Geoffrey to their location. When they reached the inner chamber, they realized Geoffrey had just left the room and Larry waited as the others attempted to capture him. However, during the chase, Geoffrey caused the crypt to collapse, leaving Silver to hold off the falling rocks while Shard began to dig an escape tunnel. Larry in the meantime, sat aside and tried to "think non-jinxy thoughts" while wondering how the others' mission was going.

After escaping from the cave-in and returning to Secret HQ, they were yelled at by Harvey Who for failing to stop Geoffrey despite their abilities. They find out that Elias, Lyco and Leeta have infiltrated the Pit, left by the Battle Bird Armada, which is where Naugus is conducting his plans and have not returned. They reach the bottom of the Pit and meet up with the others and discuss their findings. Larry theorises that Naugus could be using the ritual room and ancient remains they found to cast a spell. Elias concludes that they have to interrogate Geoffrey, with him spying on them, but Silver manages to convince the team that he can ask him about Naugus' plan. After Silver manages to get information out of Geoffrey, Larry is revealed along with the rest of the team to have been listening in on them, concealing himself underneath a rock. The team then return back to their base, and prepare to take down Naugus before he casts his spell to take control of the Council of Acorn.