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Monkey Khan

Monkey Khan, real name Ken Khan, is a monkey from Leung West who was forcibly turned into a cyborg by Dr. Ivo Robotnik, now serving as the "King of the Free People". Khan's enhancements were made by Robotnik as a means of building an army of cyborgs to overthrow Mobotropolis once the Overlanders were defeated in the Great War. However, Monkey Khan proved uncontrollable and was sealed away for ten years. He was accidentally liberated by Sally Acorn after the death of Dr. Robotnik in 3235, and went off to start his own life. He eventually returned to his home village, only for it to be destroyed later by Dr. Eggman, with all of its inhabitants captured and roboticized. He has since sworn revenge against Eggman and has fought against his Sub-Bosses in the Dragon Kingdom; the Iron King and Iron Queen. He appeared to have allied himself with the Dragon Kingdom Freedom Fighters and fought against the Iron Dominion, but Kahn was brought under the control of the Iron Queen once again and was forced to destroy his comrades. Some time after this, he journeyed to New Mobotropolis and informed the leaders there of the threat of the Iron Dominion. Continuing his campaign against the Dominion, he later returned to the Dragon Kingdom in hopes of breaking ties between the four Clans that had joined themselves with the Iron King and Queen and their masters. He accomplished this and returned to New Mobotropolis defeat the Iron Monarchs, arresting Regina Ferrum, and literally blowing away Jun Kun.

Current Version:
Monkey Khan

Former Version:
Monkey Khan (Controlled by Iron Queen)