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Ixis Naugus

Ixis Naugus

F) Ex20
A) Ex20
S) Rm30
E) Am50
R) Am50
I) Rm30
P) Am50

Health: 120 Karma: 130
Resources: In Pop: -20

Known Powers:
Ixian Magicks: Ixis Naugus' most powerful ability is his knowledge of the Ixian Magicks, giving him Mn ability over fire, water, earth, and wind. He was able to perform the following power stunts:
-Elemental Manipulation: Mn ability to manipulate the elements around him
-Elemental Transformation: Mn ability to transform his body or parts of it into the elements.
-Mental Manipulation: Mn ability to manipulate and amplify negative emotions, turning unease into panic, irritation into rage, and wariness into hatred.
Crystallization Magick: Mn ability to manipulate inorganic objects and transform them into green crystals.
Shadowmeld: Mn ability to transport himself and others through shadows. Those that accompany him must make a Red Endurance FEAT vs. being stunned for 1-10 rounds due to the discomfort of going through the shadows.

Chaos Emerald Staff: When his mind was restored, Naugus also created a staff to hold his new Chaos Emerald. The staff gives him the following abilities:
-Conjuring: Mn ability to conjure objects.

Talents: Occult Background and Lore

Contacts: Geoffrey St. John


After Mogul established himself as a casino owner, Naugus was kept out of sight so that he would not upset the clientele, spending his days hissing and drooling in a completely unaware state of being. He was present and chained in Mogul's office when a visitor arrived, carrying a large jewel and proclaiming that Mogul had the last thing he needed to restore the "true king" to the throne, something Naugus neither heeded nor understood. When Mogul pressed, Geoffrey revealed his plan to use the Chaos Emerald to restore Naugus' sanity, which, in a roundabout way, could potentially benefit Mogul's business and -- most importantly -- make Sonic miserable.

With Mogul's permission, Geoffrey gave the Chaos Emerald to Naugus, and the resulting surge of power restored his sanity. After crafting himself a staff topped with his new Emerald, he violently reprimanded St. John, enraged that his secret apprentice had failed to eliminate the Acorn family or preserve the kingdom. Geoffery replied that the Acorns were needed to maintain the new kingdom, and insisted that his skills would help the evil wizard claim the throne. Naugus reluctantly followed the skunk, promising to take care of some unfinished business with Mogul, but immediately praised his apprentice after hearing how he backstabbed Sonic and left him stranded in the Special Zone.

Amidst pouring rain, Naugus arrived on the outskirts of New Mobotropolis, while his apprentice updated him on current events. He once more plotted to take the title of King. Within New Mobotropolis, he and his apprentice travelled to the Coliseum via Naugus' shadowmelding powers (an experience Geoffery greatly disliked), where they watched Mina's concert from afar. Sensing a "poison fog" of fear, Naugus used his magic to amplify the citizens' emotions, causing them to react strongly to Mina's musical message of suspicion against NICOLE. Referring to similar trickery that ignited the Great War, Naugus told his apprentice that Mobotropolis' citizens would soon be "baying for blood", and when the time came, they would call out for him to "save them".

For a time, Naugus and Geoffrey continued to lay low, allowing the citizen's paranoia and fear to escalate. Finally, when they felt the time right, they made a grand public entrance, with Geoffrey announcing Naugus as the rightful king. Naugus boasted to the people that with him as their ruler, they would not need to fear NICOLE; when the AI attempted to capture him in a nanite construct, the wizard used his magic to turn the nanites to crystal and shatter them. He then told the amazed crowd that NICOLE had no sway over him, and that he simply planned to go meet with the Council of Acorn (Geoffrey, meanwhile, was to keep the Freedom Fighters from interfering). Sonic, of course, protested and attempted to stop Naugus from approaching Castle Acorn, but he was thwarted by the wizard's elemental skills and kept out of the castle by a wall of crystal. Striding into a meeting, Naugus boldly announced his intentions to the council, only for Sonic to suddenly strike him (having gotten in through an uncovered window). Despite some hesitation, Elias handed his sword to Sonic at the latter's request, saying that the crown would defer to him when it came to dealing with Naugus. Naugus, angered, told Sonic that his claim had nothing to do with him, but the hedgehog refused to back down.

During the fight, Naugus used his magic to raise the emotions of the council as they argued between helping the hedgehog as former freedom fighters and relying on political matters as a government. In order to end the fight peacefully, Elias was willing to surrender the crown as long as Naugus honored the council. However, Sonic was insistent on ending it before it could happen, once more risking treason by disobeying the group's authority. Their scuffle was soon put on hold as they felt a shockwave from outside, only to discover the return of Eggman and, to a more catastrophic extent, the Death Egg Mark 2.