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Ixis Naugus

Ixis Naugus

F) Ex20
A) Ex20
S) Rm30
E) Am50
R) Am50
I) Rm30
P) Am50

Health: 120 Karma: 130
Resources: In Pop: -20

Known Powers:
Ixian Magicks: Ixis Naugus' most powerful ability is his knowledge of the Ixian Magicks, giving him Mn ability over fire, water, earth, and wind. He was able to perform the following power stunts:
-Elemental Manipulation: Mn ability to manipulate the elements around him
-Elemental Transformation: Mn ability to transform his body or parts of it into the elements.
-Mental Manipulation: Mn ability to manipulate and amplify negative emotions, turning unease into panic, irritation into rage, and wariness into hatred.
Crystallization Magick: Mn ability to manipulate inorganic objects and transform them into green crystals.
Zone of Silence Manipulation: Naugus could also manipulate the Zone of Silence into whatever he wanted when inside of it with Un ability. But seeing as how it is now the Special Zone and Feist rules over it, it is likely that Naugus can no longer do this.


Talents: Occult Background and Lore

Contacts: Warlord Kodos, Uma Arachnis, The Arachne


Agunus the Rhino, Nusgau the Bat, and Suguna the Lobster were the last three members of the Order of Ixis (aside from Mammoth Mogul) to survive the Forgotten War. Their goal was find out just what the Days of Fury, the event that created Mobius, were. (they were later revealed to have been caused by the Xorda's attack on the planet) The three, desparate for this knowledge, merged themselves together in an attempt to gain enough power to find out. This resulted in the birth of Ixis Naugus.

Ixis Naugus career as the royal wizard started while Frederick Acorn was king. He was content with his position of power until Nate Morgan was rescued and became a ally to the king. Nate Morgan's scientific creations were proving to make Naugus' magics obsolete. In order to counter this, he enlisted Warlord Kodos to frame Nate for treason the plot worked and soon the conspirators started the Great War. Kodos wanting to make sure no blame could rest on him so he tried to kill the twisted wizard, only to find out it was an illusion while the real Naugus was opening his Zone of Silence so he could wait out the war and rule over the ruins. Unfortunately for him, the future Warlord Julian Kintobor sealed the zone stranding him there.

While imprisoned in the zone he found all of its workings and soon brought it under his control. Not long after he was soon joined by the huge Mobian, Feist who pledged to serve the sorcerer. Soon Kodos was banished by Julian Kintobor (aka Robotnik) to The Zone of Silence and he too pledged himself to the wizard. Uma Arachnis also came and served then came King Maximillian Acorn who agreed to be Ixis's servant and to make him king should they escape, in exchange for becoming crystal to surviving in the Zone of Silence. Many years later the king was rescued by the Freedom Fighters. Soon after a probe was sent into the zone by Rotor to provide data on it, which allowed Naugus and his vanguard to escape.

When Naugus escaped from the Zone of Silence, he claimed himself to be the ruler in place of King Max. When Sonic and the Freedom Fighters refused, Naugus had his minions Kodos and Uma Arachnis attack. While Kodos and Arachnis proved no match in their organic state, Naugus used his scepter to turn Uma and Kodos into invincible crystal warriors. But the tide was turned when Sonic destroyed the scepter making his vanguard immobile. Ixis took this as his cue and fled. After this failure, Naugus then planned to act as ruler of Mobius by controlling King Max with his magics. While originally no one realized Naugus was controlling King Max, a series of outburts led Sonic to realize Naugus was behind Max's actions. Upon this discovery, Naugus once again fled the scene.

Following Naugus' retreat, it was decided that until he was returned to the Zone of Silence, Naugus would continue to pose a threat to the Kingdom of Acorn. Thus, Sonic and Tails were dispatched to track Naugus down. While Naugus managed to force their plane the Tornado to crash land and delay their search, they finally tracked Naugus down to the Southern Tundra. While Naugus originally had an edge in the fight, a massive amount of Magic Rings from Nate Morgan's private stash allowed Sonic and Tails to transform into Ultra Sonic and Hyper Tails. However, Naugus also transformed into Ultra Naugus. The three fought and just when it seemed as though Naugus had won, Nate Morgan used a device to temporarily send Naugus back to the Zone of Silence.

Naugus once again managed to briefly escape from the Zone of Silence. Sonic, who was visiting the grave site of Eddy the Yeti who had saved them during their previous battle with Naugus in the Southern Tundra, found Naugus trying to use the power of the Magic Rings remaining at the battle scene. Sonic managed to defeat Naugus once again and trap him in the Zone of Silence.

As part of Anonymous' (who later turned out to be A.D.A.M.) scheme, Naugus was freed when the Arachne used the Sword of Acorns to open a portal to the Zone of Silence in Dr. Eggman's Egg Grape Chamber, allowing the evil wizard to escape. The Arachne, who were now Naugus' servants, gave him the Sword of Acorns and he promised to Eggman that he would have retribution before freezing Mecha and escaping with his new henchmen. Naugus, now seeking the Crown of Acorns, encountered the being who had it: Mammoth Mogul. Mogul was also after the Sword of Acorns, and so the two started dueling each other while the Freedom Fighters battled the Arachne and Mogul's Destructix. But when Mogul revealed to Naugus that he was once the founder of the Order of Ixis, Ixis Mogul, the wizard was shocked and pledged allegiance to Mogul, giving him the Sword of Acorns and causing the Arachne to also join Mogul. Naugus and his new master started battling the Freedom Fighters as well, but Eggman's Egg Fleet showed up and teleported the group to the Egg Grape Chamber.