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Hope Kintobor

Hope Kintobor

F) Pr4
A) Ty6
S) Ty6
E) Gd10
R) Rm30
I) Ex20
P) Am50

Health: 26 Karma: 100
Resources: Ty Pop: 0

Known Powers:


Talents: Engineering, Computers, Pilot

Contacts: G.U.N., Knothole Freedom Fighters


Hope Kintobor was a female Overlander and the daughter of Colin Kintobor, niece of Dr. Robotnik, granddaughter of Lady Agnes, and half-sister of Snively Kintobor. Hope journeyed along with her father and surviving people, following the end of the Great War with the Mobians, into space to find a new home. During their journey, Hope, while in stasis, learned of the history of conflict between their peoples, but unlike other overlanders, did not feel the same hostility towards the Mobians.

Hope was among the first overlanders to arrive back on Mobius following their narrow escape from the Xorda (an event that would lead to the planet-wide battle against a Xorda battle cruiser in which Sonic nearly died). Hope was frightened by the battle between Sonic the Hedgehog and Monkey Khan, and fled with her people into Robotropolis, where they lived in safety from the "furry menace". Eventually, the lifelessness of the city motivated Hope to break curfew and explore, only to turn back upon finding a Robian.

Eventually, when Robotnik revealed he was steadily poisoning the population of the city to make them choose roboticizaion over death, Hope went on the run, her father and grandmother now roboticized. Sonic and his fellow freedom fighters saved her, however, and brought her back to Knothole, where she was later joined by the rest of her surviving people. While the overlanders went to Station Square, Hope, seeing how idealic the life was in Knothole, implored Princess Sally to allow her to stay, to which they agreed.

Hope enjoyed a happy life in Knothole, making many friends, especially Shadow the Hedgehog (who became her behind-the-scenes guardian because of her resemblance to the later Maria Robotnik). Hope even reconciled with Snively during his several weeks in Knothole, and, because he was family, deeply considered his advice on finding a place in the new human United Federation's cities. Eventually, she left Knothole in her hand-built fighter plane to visit the new human cities to see if it was right for her.

Hope, however, considered Knothole her home, and returned, only to find it destroyed by the Egg Fleet, and upon remembering her half-brother's words about visiting areas far away from Knothole, realized he was involved. Hope tracked the Egg Fleet down just as it arrived at New Mobotropolis, and began strafing attacks on the fleet's airships, inflicting nominal hull damage on Snively's flagship, all the while yelling at her half-brother over the radio, her words of rage moving both her and Snively to tears.

Feeling she could not show her face to the Mobians again after trusting Snively's advice over theirs after all they had done for her, Hope flew away back to the human and overlander cities, vowing to become technologically proficient enough to bring down the Eggman Empire and see Robotnik and Snively himself defeated, and just maybe, redeem the Kintobor name.

However, Hope was unaware that the fleet still had an all-weapons lock on her plane. Whether Snively gave the command to fire and destroy the plane is unknown. She was later revealed to be alive and well, working for G.U.N.