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Geoffrey St. John

Geoffrey St. John

F) Rm30
A) Ex20
S) Ex20
E) In40
R) Gd10
I) Rm30
P) Ex20

Health: 110 Karma: 60
Resources: Ex Pop: 5

Known Powers:
Ixian Magicks: St. John revealed to have some low-level magical abilities, though these are extremely limited and unrefined. He has performed the following spells:
-Smoke Transformation: Am ability to transform himself into smoke, allowing him to escape cages and fit through openings.

Wrist Crossbow: Ex material, fires a crossbow bolt up to 7 areas away
Crossbow Bolts: St. John has the following types of crossbow bolts:
-Typical: Rm Edge
-Explosive: In damage to everything in 1 area
-Net: Rm entanglement

Talents: Leadership, Martial Arts A, B, E, Military, Law Enforcement, Weapons Specialist: (Wrist Crossbow), Mystic Background

Contacts: Ixis Naugus


Growing more unstable, King Max tasked Geoffrey with finding a way to restore the monarchy to "proper authority," thinking things could return to the way they were before the war. Geoffrey suggested he, with Sonic's help, could attain a Chaos Emerald to meet this goal - though as he later explained to the hedgehog, he was only doing it to appease the addled former king, his rational being that Max would be satisfied thinking something was being done and that having a Chaos Emerald around would be useful anyway. He and Sonic traveled to Freedom HQ, where Sonic casually asked what Hershey was up to; after a pause, Geoffrey explained that she was deep under cover on a mission and that he wouldn't be seeing her for a while. The two entered the Special Zone via the Star Posts; once inside the zone, the pair were met by an angry Feist. However, after they explained themselves, Feist considered letting them take one of his challenges, and Geoffrey further appealed to the demi-god by suggesting he pit himself and Sonic against each other to make things more interesting. While Sonic raced off after the purple Chaos Emerald, however, Geoffrey merely stood back, loading a stun dart into his wrist-mounted gauntlet. Sonic soon returned with the emerald, taunting the skunk for "not even trying" - he was caught by surprised when Geoffrey fired the dart at him. Telling the hedgehog, "I didn't need to, mate," Geoffrey took the emerald and kicked Sonic off into the abyss, much to Feist's amusement.

He then left the Special Zone and took the emerald not to New Mobotropolis, but rather, Mammoth Mogul's Casino Night Zone. There, Geoffrey forced his way into Mogul's office; the latter was casual, saying that he had no need for a second Chaos Emerald, but Geoffrey told him that he didn't intend to give it to him. Rather, he was on a mission "to restore the true king to the throne" and claimed Mogul had the last thing he needed, looking towards the mindless, captive Ixis Naugus. He promised Mogul that the completion of his mission would lead to an increase of his business and, most importantly, would cause Sonic misery. He was soon allowed to use the emerald, which was able to restore Naugus' mind to normal. Naugus quickly reprimanded Geoffrey, grabbing him by the throat and showing displeasure towards Geoffrey's apparent lack of action all this time. Geoffrey escaped by turning to smoke and reappearing on the floor, gasping for air. Geoffrey insisted that everything he had done (or not done) in Naugus' absence had been necessary, and promised that he would ensure Naugus' rightful place on the throne if he were to follow his instruction.

Later, one evening, Geoffrey and Naugus appeared in the empty upper section of New Mobotropolis' Coliseum where the Forget Me Knots were about to give a concert, having emerged from the shadows using magic (a technique Geoffrey found extremely uncomfortable). Naugus showed some displeasure in Geoffrey, but while the skunk admitted his magical skills were lacking, Naugus would still need his help if he wanted to take over the kingdom. The day before Naugus planned to finally make his move, Geoffrey secretly observed Sonic and Sally spending time together by the Lake of Rings; he glared, but then looked saddened before drifting back to Naugus.

The next day, taking advantage of the fears of the people, Geoffrey stepped out into public and announced Naugus as the "true king" before a massive crowd. Sally immediately attempted to have him arrested, but, pulling rank as commander, he called off the royal guard. In order to keep the Freedom Fighters away from Naugus as he made his way to meet the Council of Acorn, St. John ended up engaging the group in battle. However, they distracted him long enough for NICOLE to create a nanite-made enclosure around him. To their surprise, St. John dissolved to smoke and escaped via the airholes; the Freedom Fighters were shocked to realize that St. John seemed to be an Ixis wizard as well. Sally demanded to know what Geoffrey's wife thought of his siding with Naugus; Geoffrey glanced away sadly and told her, "Hershey's dead. She's been dead for a while."