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F) Ty6
A) Ty6
S) Ty6
E) Ex20
R) Ex20
I) Ex20
P) Rm30

Health: 38 Karma: 70
Resources: Gd Pop: 10

Known Powers:


Talents: Leadership, Politics

Contacts: Albion


Gala-Na was first seen by the outside world when Knuckles the Echidna brought the Lost Tribe to Albion. Arriving on the shores of the city's island, Gala-Na welcomed the Lost Tribe, which had been searching for Albion for hundreds of years, suffering many hardships along the way. Upon arrival, Gala-Na explained the history of Albion to Knuckles and the Lost Tribe before the tribe joined the city's population.

Prior to Knuckles locating Albion for the Lost Tribe, he stumbled across the Kingdom of Mercia which, at the time, was ruled by the roboticized version of Armand D'Coolette known as the High Sheriff. After the High Sheriff's rule was brought to an end by the combined might of Knuckles, Sonic, Tails and members of the Lost Tribe, the robotic tyrant was captured and taken to Albion.

Gala-Na speaking to the Albion High Council about KnucklesGala-Na and the Albion High Council deemed the High Sheriff too great a threat to simply release, and thus voted to have him dismantled, especially since Dr. Eggman had arrived in Mobius Prime to replace the late Dr. Ivo Robotnik. However, Knuckles, Antoine (son of the High Sheriff), Bunnie Rabbot, Amy Rose and Rob O' the Hedge went to Albion to discover what had become of the former sub-boss of Mercia. As they came closer to Albion, the High Council, watching them on video screens, debated why they would have outsiders coming to their city. Gala-Na was still unable to comprehend one of her own kind had rejected living in the motherland, to which Yanar and Councilor Rita-Le responded that Knuckles was simply doing what he was taught.

Upon arriving, Knuckles and the others were welcomed by Gala-Na, who offered them accommodation for the night. The following day, Knuckles was shocked to learn of Albion's decision to dismantle the High Sheriff. However, Antoine was granted permission to take the High Sheriff back to Knothole where he would be placed in jail until his free will could be restored.

After combating the High Sheriff before he was subdued and taken back to Knothole, Knuckles underwent a rapid evolution, turning into Chaos Knuckles, essentially a living Chaos Emerald. Recognizing the power Knuckles had at his fingertips - given the similarity in his appearance to Dimitri when he turned into Enerjak in the video files Albion received from Steppenwolf hundreds of years ago - Gala-Na felt that Knuckles needed to have his powers drained until he returned to normal. When Knuckles refused, Gala-Na hired the bounty hunters Nic and Nack the Weasel to capture him, feeling that Knuckles was their responsibility to deal with as he was one of their own kind. Knuckles was successfully captured by Nic and Nack, who were then paid and told to forget the entire matter.

Following this, Gala-Na had the brilliant Albion scientist Dr. Finitevus use his device, the Chaos Siphon Suit to drain Knuckles of his powers. Gala-Na explained to Knuckles "As much as I wish we could avoid all this unpleasantness, Knuckles, the fact remains you've demonstrated abilities possible surpassing those of Dimitri himself! That being the case, it's up to us to do everything we can to nullify that threat - including resorting to the use of a Chaos Syphon itself!". After saying that, the Chaos Siphon Suit was activated and Knuckles' energy began to drain. However, Charmy Bee and Saffron arrived on the scene and assumed Knuckles was being hurt, deciding to stop the process. When the Chaos Siphon Suit was de-activated, Knuckles retained his power and teleported away. Gala-Na, hoping to rectify the situation, attempted to re-hire Nic and Nack to re-capture Knuckles, which the weasels quickly declined.

Having been subjected to a large amount of Chaos radiation when he used the Chaos Siphon Suit, Dr. Finitevus mutated into an albino echidna with new abilities. At first it was believed to be for the best, as all of Finitevus' mental and physical qualities had improved. However, when Finitevus began violently condemning the state of the world and creating dangerous magical items such as the Warp Ring, Gala-Na realized something needed to be done. Following a vote from the Albion High Council which called for Finitevus' euthanasia (with Gala-Na's vote being the deciding factor), Finitevus was placed in custody. However, he soon escaped his prison via Warp Ring, which left Gala-Na and the others uneasy.

Later, Dr. Finitevus provided Dr. Eggman with Albion's secret location. Additionally, he used his Warp Rings to sneak into Albion and sabotage its defences, leaving the city entirely vulnerable to an attack. As the Eggman Empire's forces began their assault, Gala-Na made a holographic recording of herself explaining everything regarding Finitevus and Albion's destruction and apologizing for her actions. Shortly after she ended her recording, Gala-Na was captured.