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Freedom Fighter Special Mark II

Freedom Fighter Special Mark II

Control: Rm
Speed: Sh-Y
Body: Ex
Protection: Ex

On-Board Systems include:
-Cockpit: capacity of 2 Crew and seating for up to 6 passengers.
-Hovering: Capability to hover without an Agility FEAT
-Auto-Pilot: The on-board computer can maintain Ty Control, although it cannot take-off or land the FFS-M2.
-Communications: Mn rank and range for all Radio and other Communications devices.
-Stealth: In ability to become invisible to Radar.
-VTOL: The FFS-M2 can land and takeoff vertically.


The Freedom Fighter Special is a multi-purpose super-sonic aircraft designed, built and operated by the Knothole Freedom Fighters in their war with Dr. Ivo Robotnik's robotic minions, operating out of Knothole. Initially Antoine D'Coolette served as its caretaker and pilot, though these duties were passed on to Miles "Tails" Prower. During the war with Dr. Eggman, the plane, renamed the "FFS-M2", was upgraded by Rotor Walrus and his technology team with space-travel capabilities for increased usefulness with the Kingdom of Acorn's war against the Eggman Empire.